2018 Corvette Stingray Coupe Lease $499

imageMy steed hackers, I got this offer from a broker and I want to run it by you. I don’t have all the details so forgive me in advance.

2018 Corvette stingray Coupe automatic
MSRP $57,400
36 months lease
30k miles
$499 plus Tax
$2000 drive off
Southern California

They are using a competitive lease in our household. Don’t know the MF and the discounted price. But since this is still below 1% rule, I think it’s a great deal, right?

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I hear Corvettes are never good leases, but this one doesn’t sound too bad.

Looks nice! 20 char…

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I’d be all over that. Nice.

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Haven’t seen many Corvette deals but looks like a good deal. Your due at signing converted into monthly adds about another $40/month and plus tax this is probably slightly over 1% depending on your tax rate but still looks like a good deal for a Corvette…

Which dues are you referring to?

You wrote $2000 due at signing. 1% rule assumes no down payment and all the fees rolled in. Your driveoff must be including acquisition fee, dealer fees and perhaps some other fees and taxes on top of your first month’s payment of $499…

I was told in writing the $2000 is including all the upfront fees and no downpayment and the payment is $499 plus tax. So if they don’t try to bate and switch me, the payment should be just under $550 per month including tax.

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Any kind of corvette lease is welcome. Those things are never good leases.

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Still a nice deal…

$2000 minus first month equals $1,500 divided by 36 months equals $41.66 per month, plus $499 plus tax equals $591.00. A bit higher than 1%

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Oh I see. Thanks for the clarification

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Yes, let’s assume you asked them to roll in all those upfront fees into your monthly payment and only make your first month’s payment at signing. This would effectively add another ($1,500/36*money factor) $40 or so to your $550 monthly payment with tax and making this a slightly over 1% deal. Again this looks like a solid deal for a Corvette and I would advise you to roll in all the upfront fees into your monthly payment and minimize your due at signing.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll do that. :+1:

You should also ask for MF/RV/Selling Price/Incentive breakdown as well.

It’ll show you they came up with the final numbers.
And it’ll allow the rest of us to play with the numbers and see what’s possible.

I will. The dealer is not revealing the dealer yet since the paperwork is still pending. The car has to be swapped from one dealer to another I was told. As soon as I get all the numbers I’ll post them

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Who’s financing the lease on the Corvette? I was under the impression that GM / Ally doesn’t do leases on any Corvettes.

Regarding the other thread about the fastest car for “under” $500. The Corvette may be slightly slower than the Scatpack 4.4 others are raving about. However I would much rather drive a Corvette than a Scatpack.

This lease gets my vote for best “fast-Car” deal under $500


Very cool, nice deal.

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Aren’t all Corvette leases done with US Bank ?

Don’t know yet. The broker is not giving me any information until they approve me on the deal. Will let you know once I find out.