2018 Corvette Lease

kerbeck in new jersey

There was that one thread here a few weeks ago where the guy said he was picking up a 1lt for $550 a month with $0 down 15k miles a year.

He stopped replying to it and when i contacted the dealer he listed they gave me a quote at pretty close to double

I stopped responding because I wasn’t sure if the deal could be replicated and I didn’t want to create havoc. I did plenty of searching prior to my deal and everything I got was in the 7’s, so I wasn’t sure how I got my deal.

My proposed payment was 580 a month for 15k miles and 2k down. I wound up paying 648 because they wouldn’t let me pull ahead my camaro and I had to put in another 2k into the payment.

Msrp on mine was 60k

Where was good? Do you still have the contact?

see, thats an amazing deal. I would have got one as well if they could replicate it but even working down everything seperetaly they couldnt touch it. Thats a deal to be proud of.

Thanks Nick. I sent them a message. Who was your contact person there?

I’m working on a 36mo/10k lease for a 2019 1LT, $59k MSRP (only option is the A/T), $0 down w/GM Supplier code for $549/mo + 6% tax through GMFinancial.

Edit… locked in.
$580.66/mo including tax,
$1054.55 total DAS,
$58410k msrp,
$49648 sale price,
.00126 MF,
58% residual.

I may put $1000 down just to get under my $550 goal. IDK. I’m happy with the deal though.

8.7year score


Where are you located?

Great deal!

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I’m in Fort Myers Florida, dealership is in Dearborn Michigan (Les Stanford). Probably heading up there Monday to pick it up.

Any options on it Hank?

Just automatic transmission. Going to add tint, Z06 grill and taillights when I get it home. But no other factory options.

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That’s probably the best deal I have seen for a vette on this forum.

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Really? That’s saying something. I’m feeling better about the deal now. haha

What exhaust did you get?

Corsa. Corvette forums is a great place to pick up slightly used exhausts etc.

Is it a 2LT or 2LT Z51?