2018 Civic Hatchback EX, SoCal - I can't make the lease math work

I have been working with a dealer to come up with a lease that I’m willing to pay. I signed up at Edmunds and was told MF should be 0.00105 and Incentive cash is $800. The dealer included the $800 in the Adjusted price already.

Any way I work the numbers in the hackr calc I can’t get to the payments listed on the quote. At best, the monthly in the hackr calc is off by $5 which is no big deal. First problem is that I’m pretty sure the dealer bumped the MF to 0.00125.

My end-goal is to be able to know my numbers are accurate so that I can come back with a new Cap Cost number and know that the monthly payment I calculated will be the same that the dealer give me so that if the dealer accepts my number I don’t look like a fool if my number somehow doesn’t get me the price I need.

first thing to do is get rid of the $1400 of unnecessary BS extras; if not, then you need to find another dealer that doesn’t pack their deals with useless crap

since you are in SoCal, plenty of Honda dealers to shop…GL

For sure. I already indicated I would not accept the add-ons. I’m going to hit up other dealers for sure but I just need to make sure my math is right. This is what I want to get back to them.

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I’m in Socal as well and have been helping a friend with their lease search on Civics. Which dealers have you tried?_

adjusted price is too low
tax is based on monthly in CA; what is tax rate?
the packs that you deleted are where their profit was.

Is this the standard Sonic printout, they seem to like that one. I’d really insist on helium fill, oh man 3M etch package, that must be much more better than the standard profit system. These dealers, they never stop trying this crap.

Firstly, stop negotiating with this dealer. They are slime. All that crap they add-on is deceptive and you can count on the rest of your buying experience with them to be similar.

I’ve had my best luck putting together a quote using the lease calculator with a very generous discount, taking a screenshot and sending it out to all the dealers in my area asking them to match. You can then negotiate once they get back to you. Don’t waste your time with dealers that aren’t straightforward.

If I were in your shoes I’d shoot for $250/month with first month, doc and registration up front (~$800). That’s roughly a 12% dealer discount.

Also, great choice in vehicle. I have the EX in Aegean blue and I love it. It’s too bad the heated seats is no longer included in the EX package. In Cali probably not a big deal, but here in Chicago I’d probably go for an EX-L.

Best of luck.

I’m definitely pushing the price but it never hurts to try. That price is 13.5% off sticker. What would be a reasonable max discount? I figure the $800 is Honda money so it does affect the dealer so I’m just focused on getting their price down then adding in the Honda incentive.

This dealer is in San Juan Capistrano and their tax is 7.75.

I’ve only been at this for a couple days. Ocean Honda in San Juan Cap is the only place I’ve really been going back and forth with.

Moss Bro is Moreno Valley contacted me but we have not really started to dance.

I dropped by Hoehn Honda in Carlsbad early in the week and met a salesman and I’m trying to get an email dialogue started with him.

  1. i assumed 12% off before the 800 LC; still think it is too aggressive but a good starting point for bargaining with multiple dealers in SoCal.
  2. i believe you need the tax rate where you reside or will register the car.

Great suggestion! My discounted price of $20885 is 13.5% off their sticker price. The $24145 supposedly is base price of 23310 (advertised on their website) plus destination of $835.

My goal is absolutely in the $250 range but getting a dealer to give in to a 13.5% discount is pushing it - I think. I figure I might get 10-12%. I can live with 12% but that’s about my limit. The hackr calc puts me at $266 if I’m taking 12% from 24145 with no add-ons and including tax and non tax fees. I don’t know what non-tax fees are. I probably should have asked but this dealer has pretty much shut me down so I’m on to the next.

Same 7.75% for my city.

I’m sold on the numbers in your shared calc but I assumed I need to add tax and non tax fees from the lease quote to the final price. That adds about $430 to the final. I guess that’s my mistake for assuming the fees on the form were mandatory or even part of the monthly calc.

If you input the dealer provided numbers in the hackr calc it never comes out to the right monthly price. Any idea what they are doing to get to the $334 monthly?

It almost seems like they are doing a zero drive off with all the doc fees, taxes, etc lumped into the total but I never asked for a zero drive off and they didn’t indicate that was the case.

My fear is I’ll use the calculator wrong and the dealers will sneak something in that I didn’t account for.

non-tax fees are DMV fees and may be a bit high (that’s the 428)
tax is in the calc input i sent you; CA taxes the monthly

once you find a reasonable dealer and get to a final proposal, make an offer similar to this:
XXX due at signing plus 35 additional payments of YYY

in the sample calc:
765 due at signing plus 35 add’l payments of 250

they MAY try to sneak something in or bump the MF but you will be slick enough to catch it!

I was trying to negotiate on a 2018 Civic Sedan LX MSRP $19,835 and was able to get around $750 DAS with payments of $235 plus tax (12k/36mos)

Do you have the breakdown of your DAS fees? I don’t want to lowball the fees I put on the numbers I prep for my dealer blast.

Everything was verbal and they did not want to send me the breakdown. Since they did not want to discount the car further and did not fall within the 1% rule i did not pursue the deal.

I went to Norm Reeves of Cerritos and talked to there internet sales department. She did not want to email the numbers for fear of me using it to leverage a deal with another dealer. But since I was coming down from San Diego to LA I assume she was not going to jerk me around.

Speaking of scammy dealers. I went on Edmunds and got the MF, Residual, and LC for the car I’m trying for. I don’t have any reason to disbelieve the info from Edmunds as it seems many others are going there for the same info.

Anyhoo I had a dealer tell me today “You do not get the untaxed incentive because it is NOT a public rebate.”

I did some research and there is something called a Manufacturer to Dealer rebate. Is that what the dealer means or is he just trying to take me for a ride?

From Edmunds:

Hondas are great cars but unfortunately in SoCal at least have an absolutely terrible dealer network. Yeah let me go ahead and get that nitrogen for $100 boss. That sounds like a deal to me, you know, cuz I’m just an ignorant idiot who likes to feel like he got a good deal on the price only to have a shitty deal overall.