2018 Chevy Volt LT lease good deal?

36 month / 10K miles per year. SF Bay area dealership.

MSRP $34,095, selling price $29,600, Adj cap cost $23,647, 50% residual.

$9000 one-pay lease everything included (tax, title, registration, fees, etc).

  1. What other things can I ask the dealer to throw in to sweeten the deal? (12K miles?, wear and tear protection? all-weather mats?, etc)

  2. Is it a good idea to lease a Volt now or should I wait for those great Bolt deals from December? I hear Bolt sales plummeted for January. Right now Bolt deals are terrible compared to then.

  3. I’m also considering a 2018 Kia Soul EV-e at $8800 one-pay lease everything included at 36 month, 10K miles per year. Which one is better?

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I would wait until March. Deals are not good right now and really don’t see how they could get worse. March has been good the last 2 years for deals so maybe better. Unless you need the car now. That is why it is so important to be able to wait for the right mix of incentives and discount.

I personally would not want an all electric vehicle that only got 100 miles range. What is MSRP of Soul EV? Also, the Kia online calculator shows a $20 less per month payment on a 48 month lease due to lease cash of $16,700 as opposed to $15,900. Kia’s warranty would still cover you for the full lease term.

Here is some Soul EV deals that seem way better than yours:

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I agree, seems to be better to wait if you can afford it. I got the Volt last year for technically zero driveoff and $186 a mo, still beating myself for not getting two of them. It’s a great car and if you plan your trips you can make it a day without touching the gas and still have no range anxiety.
#3. I was considering the Soul EV as well and decided to pass, the deals are not aggressive enough and you still have at least some range anxiety even with FC.

I asked the dealer to throw in front/rear/cargo all-weather mats and rear window blinds totaling (+$330) and a blue color option (+$395), but he balked. He said giving accessories isn’t under his control as it is a different department - is that true? I’ve heard dealers throw in stuff like this to close all the time. Would those two actually cause the dealer to back down despite being near the month-end?

Also, I work for Google, and I noticed it is part of the GM supplier discount program, so I would be eligible for an additional $500-$700 off the lease. When do I mention this - at the end? As long as I am eligible they have to honor it right? (i.e. dealer loses nothing). Technically it’s separate from the whole negotiation process.

If there were to be amazing Chevy Volt deals in March, when would they announce it? March 1st? Like @adamcar said, I don’t see how my current deal could get any worse - I might as well wait until early March and go back to the dealer for the same price (I doubt he would turn me down).

I hear @ChevyPhil is pretty active in Chevy deals in NorCal. What do you think?

Volts are stacking up at all Northern Cali dealers. Bay Area dealers are between 9 and 10 on one pays, plus any add’t rebates you qualify for [loyalty, etc]. If you invite them into this thread they’ll tell you they can’t predict the future BUT! their offer is the best. March will come and they’ll drop their shorts.

if in the dealerships mental calculation they are ok making $500 on the sale in total, they aren’t going to let yu buy a car that is $700-$800 more for the same price.

Looks like Volt sales were terrible for January 2018 -decreased by 56% compared to January 2017.

Hopefully Chevy takes notice and offer great deals in March! $6K OTD would be fantastic.

Hey, you beckoned so here I am lol. Here’s how it works, I’m sure this will help everyone. The first thing to realize is plug-in cars (bolt and volt) are different then any other car, old rules go out the window. The reason is the government requirements for car manufacturers to sell a certain amount of plug-in vehicles to keep selling gas guzzlers.
What this means for us is chevy gives kickbacks to dealers based on selling volume of plug-in cars. So if your looking at a gas car the dealer doesn’t want to lose too much money on it, they’d rather make a profit of course. But on a plug-in car they can sell $1,500-$2k below cost and they know they will get it back when they sell enough (which we usually do) but then that’s it.
If you buy a Corvette and they make $2k profit they gladly buy you a hat and jacket. The sales department has to add it to the “Deal” and it pays the parts department (they told you the truth). But when we’re at a managed loss they won’t let us lose $300 more (or dealer cost of like $170 or whatever). Also, there’s a point where they just won’t take less. The cars all sell. I’ve turned over my entire inventory this month. everything I have is less than two weeks old. You don’t see 35k-40k cars for 250-300 with net $0 down if it’s not a plugin. Plus the carpool lane is a big benefit for most of my customers.
Dealers advertise at the managed loss, sometimes we can get them to get a bit lower to make a deal, but there is always a bottom end lowest.That’s the price I use for my list and how I know I always have the lowest around. my deals don’t cost the dealer advertising and I bring people out of our market or into chevy so they let me stay at this price. But you can grind your way to it negotiating. but once you get there, it’s the lowest they’ll go and the most they’ll lose.
If I keep the same aggressive dealer discount the price fluctuation month to month is usually based on Chevrolet rebates changing. People usually think it keeps going down all year but then no one would buy cars. it goes up and down. Usually lowest in months with holidays. Last Sep/oct was the lowest for bolts and people who waited saw prices rise as they thought “it must go down as the year goes along.” Telling someone to take advantage of a deal now sounds pushy But also I don’t just say “I can’t predict the future” because there are trends to consider. But as time goes along rebates can rise or fall and residual will go down a bit as time goes along. I don’t expect any more discounts next month with no holidays but my fingers are crossed. (last years march Asian lease rebate was based on a 13 year high in inventory on the ground, not a holiday and thats not the case this year). So for now I have some good rebates that are more then the last few months. I’m attributing that to presidents day, But I would be surprised if it went up much next month if any. I’d say most likely very similar but that’s just a guess with the info to help you make your own guess.
I hope that helps everyone understand EV pricing and why it’s not like negotiating for them to make less profit, it’s negotiating for them to lose more money. Which is a more difficult negotiation. Have a great day and happy deal hunting.

Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.


Is the “asian rebate” from last March back for this March as well?

I see the following on the Chevy website (scroll down all the way bottom for the Volt):

$2500 competitive cash allowance for current select qualified competitive owners and lesees.


Excludes select base models. Must show proof of current ownership or lease of a 1999 model year or newer Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru or Kia vehicle. Customer remains responsible for current lease payments. Not available with special financing and some other offers. Take new retail delivery by 4/2/18. See participating dealer for details.

[Edited] I just re-read my email thread with the dealer just to be sure and the figure actually doesn’t include tax, title, registration, etc. actual cost is over $9K incl. everything. :frowning:

Please share where and how

Would you mind sharing dealer info

Hey @leaseguy could you PM the dealership pls.

my chevy dealership in SoCal offered me the following

Volt LT with leather and comfort package (MSRP around $36,000)
36 months, 15k miles per year
One pay of $92xx.00 including everything (must qualify for Asian rebate). You may also qualify for the state rebate ($1500 in SoCal)

PM me if you need her info. I am sharing because it looks to be the best offer right now in So Cal.

I’m offering $210.65 x 35 payments
with $1,200 due at signing
includes OC tax, fees + Asian conquest of $2,500

Adolfo Moreno
Internet Sales Manager
Guaranty Chevrolet

Would this mean that if I’m in the market for an EV, I’d be wise to shop around to rural dealers? Seems like their volumes for that type of vehicle would be lower due to lack of infrastructure to support EV’s nearby and they’d be more eager to sell.

I think it’s the opposite. Because rural dealers can’t make those volume goals, they don’t even try. I’ve always had more luck with high volume dealers like San Jose, but can’t even get an email response from rural dealers. But that’s just my anecdotal evidence. It’ll be interesting to hear what other people’s experiences are like.

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agreed. same experience.

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Hi SOCALChevyPro,

Any better deal for OnePay or same thing?

Sorry we are not setup for one pay.