2018 Chevy Traverse - Ok deal?

Hi All,

I’m trying to work a deal on a 2018 Chevy Traverse and got this offer from a dealer last night.

2018 Traverse Premier (Driver Conf II + Sunroof…)

36mo - 15K miles
MSRP: $48,545
Dlr Price: $43,830
Incentives: 750 Factory + 2000 Flex cash
Residual: 52%
MF: .000542
Drive Off: $2,153.75 (First, Last, Doc Aquisition, etc.)
Monthly Payment: $497

Also, the car is a dealer demo with 900 miles on it, but they claim they cannot offer any discount for that? That seems like bunk. Please advise.

Thanks much.

Answered by chevygirl! Lol

How come? Details appreciated. Education needed. Thanks.

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Any advice appreciated, thanks. I’m in SoCal, 93065

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That’s not much of a discount for a loaner. I wouldn’t deal with any dealer that pretends a loaner is a new car. I’m pretty sure you could get a brand new one at that price.

Agreed. They have a new one on the lot for the same price.

But if I can get more discount on the 900 mile Demo, then maybe the deal works. But yes, there tactics have been stereotypically bad. Are their actually dealers who aren’t? I am agnostic on this.

are you currently leasing? gm or non-gm?

No. Not a teacher or vet, etc. Currently own my vehicle outright. Am trading it but not working it into the lease deal.

looks pretty straight on the money. 497 + tax.

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Thanks for your help. What do you think about the Demo issue? Should be getting something for that. Sales guy claimed Dealer Demo (dealer plts) car can be sold as new still. Seems dicey to me.

Confuses me as why they have a new one at the same price. Most dealers advertise the savings you could get on loaners over a brand new car - yet this dealer thinks people are dumb enough to pay the same amount for a loaner.

I’m positive there are other GM dealers out there that would actually give a better discount on a loaner.

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900 miles isn’t all that much. You’re not going to get more than a couple hundred off for that.

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Any car that hasn’t been registered to a private party can be sold as new, doesn’t matter if the odometer has miles.

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most of these are sold at MSRP at most dealers so i’d take it. their discount is comparable to how i do mine.

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I guess SUVs don’t lease that well.

Okay. Thanks very much for your feedback.

My impression is that these are brand new, and their selling very fast and there isn’t a lot of incentive on the dealer side to discount them. Some have suggested they’ll lease better in a year or so.

Thanks for your help.

it’s a trim level thing too. the LS traverse is $200 a month cheaper. but that coupled with the fact that there’s not a ton we are able to discount from invoice just because chevy’s aren’t packed front end like highline and limited inventory.

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The Premier has a 5% lower residual compared to the LT (either cloth 1LT or Leather 3LT). If you’re willing to sacrifice some of those upgrades you could get a much better deal. LT is typically the sweet spot with Chevy’s. The LS is too bare boned and the Premier’s residuals drop too much.

Check out the forum on Edmunds. Some people are talking about getting an LT under $400/month. Can’t wait until December when I can turn in my Equinox for a Traverse. Good Luck.

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For effective $557 per month with $0 down, you could get a nicer vehicle it seems to me.