2018 Chevy Bolt LT - $12,800 One Pay - 36/10k - NorCal Bay Area

Just picked up a 2018 Chevy Bolt LT with the one pay for $12.8k in NorCal last night. I worked with 5 dealers in Norcal and 1 in south cal for the last couple of months. I was hoping the incentives in July would be better than May or June, but it was about the same. I was getting quotes from 13.5 to 15k but finally yesterday, one dealership was able to do something better and got below 13k.

So I promptly went over to pick up the car last night. Decent deals are out there, just need to keep working at it.

2018 Chevy Bolt LT
includes DC Fast, Comfort/Convenience package, Driver Confidence package, and floor mats.

Really good deal given the prices lately!

I know. Had to really negotiate to get that last few hundred bucks to get below 13k, but it worked out.

@herk- Could you please DM me the dealer details? i’ve been getting those 15k quotes from couple of dealers in the bay area. thanks

Just Wow…back in late 2017 one pays we’re $8k for an LT.

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yeah, I wish I had gotten one early in the year but my previous EV lease wasn’t up yet. Oh well. I heard the reason for the price difference is because GM stopped sharing the $7500 tax credit on the lease.

@herk Could you DM me the dealer info? I’m also having trouble finding any dealer willing to offer under $15k. Thanks.

This might help clear up some of the reasons why we occasionally see these deals. It’s more situational than about one dealership or another. You can even contact the same person and sometimes not get the same deal.

Chevrolet dealers get what’s called “flex cash”, it’s like a total amount of cash for floating rebates that can be used on any deal. How much we get is based on our sales but for example $20k total to spread out on all deals (with a max amount per deal). it is only released a few times a month and goes fast. When it’s gone its gone. So not every deal that has been done can be done again regularly.

Also most high volume dealers won’t use flex cash for plug in cars because they sell so quickly. If you put yourself in the manager’s shoes and think about how all the ev’s always sell out, you can see why they usually use the flex cash for trucks and corvettes and things that need it to sell.

The one pay on a base Bolt EV using the biggest dealer discount done on these, and without flex cash, can be as low as $13,700 with the current lease rebate. To get under 13.7k takes flex cash if available, and that’s just for the base model. It would take even more for other options.

Sometimes dealers aren’t being stingy with you guys, they may just do not have flex cash or they used it all ready. Even if they do have it it’s not smart or necessary for them to use it one these deals because we sell out anyway (but I try my best to get my managers to). email me for specifics or to get a car from me in the bay area.

Phil Gileno


Just closed the deal with Chevrolet Dublin Dealer.

2018 Chevy Bolt LT
MSRP: 38,800
Selling price: 34,500
15k miles per year
3,000 drive off(will receive back 2,500 and 500 from rebates, thus zero down)
$375/mon including tax
Also added for $720($20/month) a package that includes $5000 worth of repair required at the end of the lease eg. tire changes, cracked windshield, door dings, scuffed wheels, etc.

Thanks for sharing @herk & @MaseratiLover . Please DM dealer details.

Is the $20/month on top of the $375/month or the $375 includes coverage? Either way, it is a decent deal for $15k miles.

@herk 20/month on top of 375 including 9% tax. Well, it’s a deal that was close to $25 a month cheaper than what @ChevyPhil could offer. I did give him a chance at first, when I was first considering a Volt. But he seemed arrogant, faked the shortage of Volt LT when other dealers had them in abundance, and just someone I’d hate to deal with.

Dublin Chevrolet has been my go to spot for last few a Chevy deals now.

Anyone wanting a deal from Dublin Chevy should contact their internet manager Robert 510-372-5663. He has access to do quotes like I do and can get you their best price at the time. keep in mind some deals use temporary flex cash so he can’t always replicate it, but he’s honest and will let you know.

Robert Atwood
Dublin Chevrolet

I did this deal at Dublin also. Really nice people over there.

@ChevyPhil What’s the Bolt inventory situation looking like in CA these days?

Right in the middle, We have about 50 in stock. They are produced in bunches so what we have is based on the 150 we got a month or two ago. We have enough in stock now, but not many more on the way in. Chevy is sending them to different countries right now and struggling to meet demand.

Look up the Bolt forum. 2019 shipments are arriving at dealers elsewhere (outside the Bay Area), so expect 2018 inventories to build up and prices to start dropping as people look for the 2019 model (LT adds a couple of useful options without requiring an upgrade to Premier). The dealers will of course pretend that nothing is imminent so that they can unload their 2018 inventory.

Are both Volt and Bolt eligible for the “Red” carpool stickers?


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Can you say where you got this deal? I am in Sonoma County and even with the $2000 from Sonoma clean power I can’t get this price.