2018 BMW X5M Lease

Would appreciate thoughts on this deal ?

2018 BMW X5M
MSRP 115,695
Sale Price 103,699
Loyalty Credit 1,000
Taxable Fees 925
Documentation 499
Non Tax Fees 744.50
Taxes 3895
MF .00187
Res 59%
$3000 Down (includes 1st Payment)
$1399 month

Dealer originally wanted $1619 month with 2K down. Trying for $1300 month with 2K down. Good deal if I can get it ?


Which state are you in? Similar discount to mine last month: 2018 BMW X5M - Texas

Get them to do it with base MF, they’re marking that up. Have you got Fleet discount to get an extra $500 off? BMWCCA rebate will get you another $1000 back after purchase.

Sorry about that …in NY

No Fleet discount. I joined the BMWCCA for the rebate and will see if I can get another $500 through Costco. Being that it is almost end of the month and I know they need to move some cars, hoping they will come come down to my price.

If you get the MF down and add Costco discount, with a little more discount you’ll get to your target. It’s realistic and with the end of month period here they should go for it.

Shop in Jersey and see if you can use multiple security deposits.

Already asked them. With 7 MSD’s of about $11K, it only saved me $54 a month. Should be about 50% higher. They marked up the MF, so this doesn’t surprise me.

Is your dealer I’m jersey? Msd would be 9800. 1400 x 7.

For that price, would rather get a condo :wink:

The dealer (in NJ) originally quoted me $1619 month and worked the MSD off that number.

^dmitry good luck finding a condo worth having for $1500/month in NYC and other high priced markets.
I think I would prefer dealing with the MB AMG if I leased, personally.

I don’t think you could get a studio in the hood anymore for $1,500.

It’s all been gentrified—bedstuy has multi-million dollar home sales now 10-15 years ago you couldn’t avoid getting jacked up in some of these neighborhoods. Poor people going to the suburbs and the rich moving to the city

Even if you buy a great condo with a 2500 mortgage…rent it out for 1800, and pay the difference = way better investment.

Yep leases and cars in general are terrible investments! We own ours outright and while I’m tempted to get something newer, a paid off car is a great car!

2019s started hitting the dealer lots. If you wait for another month, you would get a more significant discount than this.

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I’d say we’re already at the tipping point. I got mine 6 weeks ago, at the time there were 25 models within 500 miles of me, now it’s down to 8. There’s 103 nationwide with many already advertising ~5% off. Another month and you might get a little more off than now but you risk being stuck between bad color combos, stubborn metro dealers, and long trips or delivery fees.

My bad, I ignored the fact that this is “M”.

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