2018 BMW X5 Question


Hi Hackers!

While I hunt for an sq5, I came across this heavily discounted x5. Dealer’s payment and lhcalculator have two different numbers - 650 va 572. Any ideas? I explained how the calculator works but they cant figure out the discrepancy.

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What do you mean by that? You have many mistakes in your calculation (sales price, MF, rebates).

It’s 15% off a outgoing model before factory incentives… it’s decent but would not say heavily discounted. They are marking up the MF so killing about 2.5% of that discount too.

I also didn’t think BMW did 7,500/year leases on anything but 7 series.


Anything beyond 11%, they’re in the hole. I’m not sure I follow your logic of not heavily discounted.

I posted the wrong one.

Autonation dealers usually advertise higher discount but you only get it if you FINANCE the car through them. If you lease, the discount is smaller.

On your dealer worksheet, selling price is actually 59500, therefore only 11% off.

I’ve seen this EVERYTIME I dealt with an Autonation BMW dealer.

What’s the monthly payment on the dealer’s sheet?

They revised it.

I was able to trace the difference to:

  1. Marked up MF
  2. Acq Fee rolled into lease and not DAS

Thanks guys for the pointers. I thought the 0.00040 was optional and not taken into consideration.

That is a very confusing worksheet. So the dealer raised the price by $1000? And why doesn’t it list the total rebate amount?

He says rebate is customer rebate @ 4171.60 (taxed)

BMW rebates are never weird numbers like that. Why is the rebate on the first worksheet lower? That number seems more like the cap cost reduction.

You are right…I was interpreting his explanation of heavily discounted as approaching unicorn status since his calculator showed a 20% discount and he wasn’t originally interested in a X5. It’s solid discount but certainly can be replicated.

Thank you guys!! I learn more everyday. :blush:

that lease sheet he posted.

The cash due and monthly payment won’t change when he goes into the dealer right?

since you’re saying something about the discount changing?

I was referring to “AutoNation Savings” of $8863, that’s like 13% off. But it’s actually 11% off.

I think OP can do better:

  1. It’s 7500 miles/year
  2. Model year 18 only 11% off MSRP?
  3. With DAS it’s essentially $708/mo, 7500 miles lease for a $66K MSRP car
  4. Try to push for buy rate MF and put down some MSD instead of DAS

OP have you considered 18 X5 diesel or 40edrive? They have higher lease credit so you can potentially get a much better deal.

Thank you!! Let me check around for eDrives …

Those e-drives were loaners, can’t be that many new ones left around, or loaners either.

I leased a new one recently and I’m just under $650 a month all in for 36/15. I got just over 12% off before incentives for reference.