2018 BMW X3 $1,700 DAS $446 + Tax EX LOANER

Hello Hackrs,

Seems like there is a lack of X3’s on the forums, but this ex loaner does not price out too bad. New X3’s are great and the size nearly matches the old X5’s. Text me for any questions. This car qualifies for loyalty credit of $1,500 bringing the payment to roughly $405 + Tax. Car has 1,609 miles.

2018 BMW X3 xDrive30i:

Jet Black on Black Sentac
-Back up Camera
-Park Distance Control
-Keyless Entry


MSRP: $44,395
Monthly Payment: $489 (Including tax based on So Cal 9.5$)
Drive-Off Amount: $1,640.91
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00156
Residual: 59%
Available Incentives: $1,500 for for loyalty. Car is under 5,000 miles so college grad qualifies.

This vehicle is located in Southern California zip code 91204. For any additional questions feel free to comment, direct message, or text me directly at (310) 752-3550. With inquires include Name, Phone Number, Email, and Zip Code


Other x3 deals from Shelly have been way aggressive, just my 2 cents based on limited experience.

not on the 2018 20202020


Haven’t any deals sub $500… We punched our cars for loaners really early, but hey at least it’s a deal to beat!

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Sorry my bad, seen nothing on 2018s yet.


But aren’t your numbers still high? My current payment is $538 with tax but on a $53K car with $800 down on 15K mile lease.

on a ‘18 or 17’? (2020)

17 but I got it when it came out.

18’ got a face lift so BMW is not supporting it as much on the lease side. no lease credits, 3% residual, comparing apples to oranges.

Understand but the 17 x3 that I got last month was $330 with tax. :smile:

Yah lease programs are done for the 17 so I’m sure they were much more aggressive with the pricing.

Is there any pull ahead programs for this month? I have 528 that needs to be upgraded :slight_smile:

No pull ahead love for any car except the X’s right now.

And understand that the 18 x3 is a massive leap forward compared to the 17. I was super close to pulling the trigger on a sub $300 17 x3 deal, but after looking at it and the 18, decided not to do it. I’d rather wait (or pay a bit more) for a good 18.

Completely Apple’s to oranges

Can you apply OL codes to loaners?

No. Based on what I have seen so far. No OL code and No fleet discount on loaners

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Damn, if the exterior was Alpine White I’d be all over this; wife only likes white exteriors haha.

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Unfortunately no (202020202)

I was going to post a white one but it was like 5-6k more so didn’t work out well, but I might pull one from our loaner fleet pretty soon given that so many people have been asking for a white one.

I know we’re there is a white one for a decent price buts it’s in the northeast

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