2018 BMW X1 Ex Loaner (Pending)

Happy Thursday,

I have an Ex Loaner X1 with 1,219 miles on it ready to go, car has a fairly low MSRP so it pans out well.

For Inquires email me at SamsonNargizyan@pacificbmw.com and include:

  1. Full Name 2. Phone 3. Email 4. If you qualify for Loyalty

2018 BMW X1 sDrive28i


MSRP: $35,695
Selling Price: $30,765.00 (14% discount)
Rebates: $1,000 lease credit, $1,000 lease loyalty credit
Monthly Payment: $330.37 (Based on So Cal Tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $1,675
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF: .00166
Residual: 59%
Region: So Cal

So… new cars are selling for ex-loaner prices pretty much?

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It only has 1,219 miles though…still a loaner tho

Yikes at that MSRP tho, what do you get? power windows and keyless entry? lol

They don’t typically put a fully loaded model into the loaner fleet.

Really depends on the dealer. Mine puts 100k 750s in no problem, a couple of 70-80k x6s, tons of x5s, one x3 m40i, x3s, x1s, lots of 530e/540, 430i (fully loaded), 330i base, and 320i (loaded)

I stand corrected 2020

I actually know one dealer that owns all of their loaners, therefore they normally aren’t current year models.

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Yeah, basically I was offered the same discount on a new X1

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Would you be inclined to trade in your not-current year model BMW because it rides 8% smoother even though it has wayy less options and tech?

or would you be more inclined to get a new BMW because of all the new technology and options the new ones have, that your “old” BMW does not have…not to mention, they ride 8% smoother.

Any of those X3/X5 available now with Costco? I also have fleet but no loyalty.

I’m not saying I don’t agree with you. My dealer puts the bare bones models on the fleet.

While this may be a good deal in So-Cal, for those who are willing to drive up to the Bay Area, there are better deals to be had. Here’s mine I just signed. At the end, I mention there are some currently listed $42k x1 loaners for less than this.

Ship to New York?