2018 BMW M5 Marina Blue ($1418.71, plus tax)



Looking to get out of my lease of my 2018 BMW M5 with BMW Financial. The lease has 34 months (36/30006 miles) remaining and the car currently has 783 miles on the odometer. That allows for roughly 882 miles per month for the remaining 34 months.

Monthly payment is $1418.71 with Alabama tax it is $1439.99

Contact Info:
Joe Roberts
Montgomery, Alabama
Cell 334-318-1021

2018 BMW M5
MSRP: $114795
Marina Blue
Argon Brown Extended Leather
Driving Assitance Plus $1700
Executive Package $4000
20" M Wheels 706M $1300
Apple CarPlay $300
(Dealer Installed) Black M Kidney Grills $530
(Dealer Installed)Lower M Blades Rocker Splitters $1590
(Dealer Installed)Carbon Fiber M Rear Deck Spoiler $780


Wow, gorgeous colors, both inside an out


Thank you!!


Try bimmeepost too. I think some members are getting near or better deals are you open to offering an incentive? Just my 2 cents. Great looking car.


Will do, thank you…


That is a gorgeous car. That payment is rediculous.


Not far off anything else on swapalease


Thank you, yeah the payment it up there. But mainjohn is right, it is in the lower end of what a lease payment are going for on these M5’s.

There is only two listings on Swapleese that has a lower payment and one looks to be an advertisement and not guaranteed car for that number.

I have not listed it on there yet, due to the cost of making a post. But, it might be option…


Many, many more people know swapalease than this site. For a car/payment of this caliber, having the most possible exposure is the only thing that makes sense.

Good luck.


Residuals are horrific on 19s so I don’t think you’ll have to sit with this much longer.


Beautiful car and a decent payment. It’s definitely competitive to what’s out there. RS5/C63S and others are all in the 1100 to 1500 range, so this is right there with them for being a 100k+ car.

Hope you find a buyer, OP. Would love to have it myself, but it’s way over budget.


Those cars aren’t in the same category. They just lease horribly.


I know they’re not in the same category. If they lease horribly, wouldn’t the M5 present a better value proposition? Unless you absolutely MUST have a compact performance luxury sports car.


True. There’s no competition from Audi. E63 lease is absurd and most people won’t even look at a Cts-V (besides me). Cheapest I saw an 18 same spec as OP was in the 13s.


Love the color combo, hate that I can’t have this :laughing:


Beautiful car! You only had it for 2 months???


Yes, sir… only 2 months…

It is great car, just not really my type of car. If I swap it to a new owner, it would be nice… but if i have to keep it another 34 months, now worries either, as it really is a great car.


I’m sure having that cop car in the drive way means you can get away with some mischief in that beast lol good luck to you.


If that is not your type of car, what is?


I am leaning more toward a truck. It is better suited for my family and needs right now than sedan.