2018 BMW M5 Marina Blue ($1418.71, plus tax)



Beautiful color. Tough payment, unfortunately.

I do find it funny that the MSRP includes a $1,000 gas tax, which probably also gets taxed (sales tax)


It would be epic if he was like… looking to upgrade to a electric fiat for $49 a month…


New Dodge Ram?



Yes sir!



Posted up a few other places to get more views.


I’m very interested with an incentive…


Are you flipping these cars? Before this you were unloading a Ford Mustang. The year before the mustang you were unloading a Jeep Rubicon.


Well, let’s talk and see if we can make a deal on it. I am open to negotiating a reasonable incentive…

I just made a ad on leasseswap this evening also that hasn’t yet showed up to try to get some more views and hopefully a new home for the M5.

Joe Roberts
Call me or text 334-318-1021

Haha, no just car guy.

Definitely not making any money on them… lol… would be nice if I could though.

Must have googled my number or username?


Is that a safe baby seat install with the a protector mat?

Nice ride good luck with it


Yikes, two months. Buyers remorse is a b****


Ha… yes. I have a 3 year old.


Phone number.


Buyer backed out…

Still up for swap


I knew this wouldn’t last long


I don’t have a lot of details, but my brother-in-law just picked up 2019 BMW 5M Competition. MSRP around 120K, 1280 per month. 2200 out of pocket. Dealer is in NJ, car is registered in Brooklyn NY.


That’s a PHENOMENAL deal, holy hell. Do you know the specifics? How did he squeeze a 1% on an M5 competition? Is this common?


I don’t have any specific. He mentioned to me about this deal about 2 month ago and I told him go for it. He was waiting for delivery and it finally came in yesterday.


That’s insanely low for a Comp!


do you mind PM’ing the dealer info would love to try and get the same deal!


Open Road BMW NJ. Not sure if they will duplicate the same deal. Call and find out.