2018 BMW M3 Base Lease Terms help needed

2018 - new
BMW M3 Base - Blue Marina
36months/ 12k miles per year

Can you guys help me determine if this is a good deal?

I appreciate any information. Thanks!

1200 a month is pretty pricey for a m3 a lot of better options out there

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Do you know of any examples that I can see to show the dealership?


This one is from june good example

Check this one out its from dsr. Shop on edmunds and truecar for rebates and incentives

Connect with @Samson from Pacific BMW. I don’t know what region you’re in, but he can provide you a very transparent and solid quote on the M3.

Thanks, I am in Texas. Ill try to reach out to him. I appreciate the information.

Discount is tiny and it looks like you have some negative equity? Also, is this a balloon loan rather than a lease?

I agree, they wont knock the price down any further. I have about $3k in negative equity, but most of that is offset from the sales tax difference.

The Finance MGR said this is a lease with option to buy…

@Samson is on vacation till the 24th…damn lol I sent him an email though

Wow that’s crazy for an M3. So BMW is basically asking Porsche 911 money now for their cars…

Talk to Greg Poland at Pacific BMW

you have a porsche 911 at this deal available?

Owner’s choice is not a lease, but behaves like one in most respects for lease unfriendly states to avoid double taxation if you buy it out. It will be titled in your name and does not include gap insurance. It also will not have an acquisition fee. What is the interest rate? It almost doesn’t matter, the payment is so awful. I don’t think you will ever get this into a reasonable range.

Thats interesting, if I recall correctly the Finance MGR said the ACQ fee is in both scenarios (lease vs owners choice). He also said that he can use a 3.8% APR for a lease, but has to use 4.7% for owners choice.

I agree. Based on comparables and what you guys are telling me, I dont think this is a good deal.

Bear in mind the M3 residual dropped from 60% to 57%, same as M4 now (last time I checked). So deals even 3 months ago will now be significantly more.

I see a lot of better deals on swapalease, especially if you go with the manual and the person has put money down on it. Given the market now that’s probably going to be the most cost effective route.

Yep, the residual dropped 4 points on July 5th. All M3’s are at least $60/mo higher now than they were then.