2018 Bmw m3 lease structure. Need your opinions

I have narrowed down my choice of a M3. I would like all your feedback on the deal. I need to finalize it asap. Here it is.

2018 M3 Offer
MSRP: $76,245
Sale Price: $72,380
Rebate: $4,000 (loyalty plus 3000 lease credit)
YOUR Price: $68,380
Term: 36 months
12k miles per year
Money Down: $5,000
Monthly Payment: $779.00 +$56.48(TAX)=835.48

Residual : $45,747
Money Factor: 0.00166 ( on tier one credit)
Car is equipped with executive package.

Please let me know. Thanks!

I would plug in the lease calc to see if you get the same payment. Also, I would put 0 down with 0 drive off. #1 rule to leasing is no down. You lose that 5K if you total your car. If you want to lease swap it in a couple of years, it would be hard to get back that 5k. 5% discount off of the m3 is probably as good as you are going to get right now.

Not sure if I am plugging the info in right into the lease calculator. Payment isn’t matching up. I did think about putting less money down because you’re right if i wanted to transfer it later on or if it was totaled all the $5000 will be washed away.

Here’s the link to the numbers I punched in.

If you are looking to put 5k down, it should look like this. Personally, I would do 0 drive off and pay the $963 a month including tax. The most you should do is the 2k drive off. Don’t do the 5k.

Also, I would do 10k and pay for more miles when you need them. It is cheaper that way.

with your input on the lease calculator it is showing 0 drive and 834 a month?

If he knows he is going to need them he is better off getting 12k from the start

No, thats with 5k down. 0 drive is 963

This. If anything put the 5k in the bank and just draw from it to bridge the gap in the payment.

If you are comfortable with taking over someone else lease. Take a look at swapmylease.com sometimes you find some great short-term leases with $0 down.