2018 BMW Lease - Working deals now, appreciate any tips/advice/help!


First time trying this. Trying to do it all in one day as the incentives for April expire today.

Will post some deals that I’m getting. Don’t think I’m doing well (yet!) Here is the first deal I’ve gotten back. If you can provide any thoughts on where these numbers look bad, it’s appreciated! Once I learn where things should be I should be able to better navigate conversations with the dealers. My rebate should be 5k instead of 4250 since USAA is supposed to be 1k I believe.

Appreciate all of your help!

** 2018 BMW 320i xDrive**
Amount Due at Signing
1st Month Payment 394.81
Security Deposits 0.00
Acquisition Fee 0.00
Fees & Insurance 400.81
Upfront Taxes 0.00

Cap Reduction (Cash) 0.00
Total Inception Fees 795.62

Rate Information
Retention Rate 0.00177

Residual Information
MSRP 44,800.00
Residual (Base) 63.00
Residual (Bump) % 3.00
Residual (Bump) $ 0.00
Additional Miles Adj. (0.00)
Odometer Over Adj. (945.00)
Total Residual 28,623.00
Dealer Options 0.00
Factory Options 0.00
Purchase Option 28,623.00

Capitalized Cost Breakdown
Vehicle Cost 39,832.66
Vehicle Profit -3,000.00
Option Price 299.00
Total Selling Price 37,131.66
Acquisition Fee 925.00
Fees & Insurance 0.00

  • Cap Reduction (Cash) 0.00
  • Trade In 0.00
  • Customer Rebate 4,250.00
    Total Capital Reduction -4,250.00
    Capital Cost 33,806.66
    Capped Taxes 988.81
    Total Capital Cost: 34,795.47

Tax Breakdown
Type Amt Rate Paid
Upfront Tax 988.81
7.0000 Capped

Mileage Information
Allowed Miles Per Year 10,000
Mileage Program 10,000
Add. Purchased Miles per Yr 0.00
Additional Miles Chrg 0.20
Total Mileage Chrg 0.00
Total Mileage Allowed 20,000
Excess Mileage Chrg 0.25
Odometer 4,280

You are asking for help, not sharing your deals, I think. Moved it to “Ask the Hackrs”

Thanks @untrusted :slight_smile:

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Still flexing my muscles


Look for 330i or 328d or even 340i

More incentives :dollar:

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you do the credit application today you should have your rate and incentives locked (even if you wrap up your deal in May)…

If the dealer is amenable to that, yes, in theory, you should be locked. That said, @mani_is_kool has indicated a dealership he was working with played by their own rules and did not honor a lock, and he had to take delivery immediately.

They want the thing gone. Since there’s nothing to stop a customer from flaking and leaving them with a paperweight

Got it. I’m in exactly the same situation right now

I signed one I. The first week of April same msrp for 280 p/mo (23 payments) no MsD and 0 DAS with 2600 miles I can share the sheet it might help?
Only extra incentive I had was college grad

if you can PM me the sheet would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,


USAA is 250$

That’s about $150 a month too high for a 320i

Alit if ppl asking for the sheet here it is

They got you for 300 for nitrogen.

Nah got that taken off too when I went to the dealer lol
They said they couldn’t take it off so they discounted the selling price another 300 instead of taking it off so a total 10100 off

I’m going to start asking for nitrogen filled blinkers.

I see what’s going on here, in these states that cap the doc fee, they just stick nitro or other bs on there, ha! That’s pretty funny


So I really don’t understand this. Looking at the sheet above, the final price isn’t much more. I know out the door price is sales.

But how could the lease amounts vary so much? It’s twice as much to lease the same car. I think taxes may be a little part of that.

The sales manager at this dealership said this was the lowest lease he’s ever seen in his 16 years at BMW :rofl:

I found a dealer in MN that is going to work with me on some of their leftover 18 now that the new incentives came out. He said he thinks he can get me a really aggressive lease, sounded more promising than anyone else I talked to anyway.

Out the door it looks like I’ll be under one or both of these sheets. So what am I missing? All the details for this sheet are in the original post. Any help on what I should be asking for or looking for to get down to the costs in the sheet above would be very helpful.


Potentially marking up the MF but the tax doesn’t seems out of whack… thought MN was like 9.5% on the lease payments? That is significantly more.