2018 BMW 540i Lease (Bay Area)

Hey Hackers,

I am looking into leasing a 2018 540i M Sport however the numbers the dealer is giving me are outrageously off…

MSRP: $74,085
Sale Price: $69,494
24 Months
15K Annual Miles
$5,000 at signing
$1,200 monthly payment
(Bay Area, California)

How do you feel about this deal? (I am working with the sales rep to get the whole DAS info)
What kind of numbers should I aim for in terms of leasing a 2018 model vs 2019?
In your opinion what would be a good deal for this vehicle?


Look at this thread for ideas…

you’re getting bit more car then the one I posted, but your paying Mercedes S class prices for it…

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You should contact @BMW_Dave at this email


He’s in SoCal.

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This is worse than MD dealers.

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Sent him an email, maybe he could give me some insight on the deal and how to possibly structure a better one (fingers crossed)

Why ask him for help? Just ask him for an offer. His job is to sell cars and offers great deals with no negotiation.

If you want help negotiating read threads every day. @BMW_Dave is great for Socal and @GAngellBMW is great for Norcal


Got a $66000 msrp one for $1000 das and 750 a month in NYC 36/10k miles
Lmk how i did guys and gals

Drive to southern CA. Look for loaner cars or new cars down there. Nor Cal dealers aren’t as competitive.

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The discount is not good at all, 24 month leases on new cars on BMW’s are terrible without and insane discount or specific models, and 15k miles hits the residual hard.

There have been multiple threads on this as well, but would not recommend putting down more than the minimum drive off in case of total loss.

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Yeah, I’ve ran the numbers with other dealers on similarly priced cars and it seems to be a lot better to lease for 36 months rather than 24. Thanks for the info!