2018 BMW 330e Black edition **Loaner**. $49,035 MSRP - $186/month $1600 DAS + MSDS

huh? its not uncommon at all for loaners to be marked down 20ish percent before incentives.

If this were even remotely common, this wouldn’t be the only $200 2018* 330e on the forum. We haven’t seen anything close to these numbers.

ZOMFG - deal of the year!

I will have some of what you are having

This is what I’m having Trophy Garage [ Photos ]


I think he’ll want whatever you’re having. @jananth1 is 100% right

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I think the 20% off on loaners is becoming less common, for sure, but they still happen relatively often.

20% plus incentives are common on loaners. Dang my crystal balls are taking a beating…

I think I remember seeing a sub 200 330 lease before, definitely possible but a unicorn nonetheless. I think @dukez is right in the sense that this won’t be replicated. I’m not sure how much they lost, because the discount was big beforenincentives, but the 6500 is from bmw.

If the lease credit was 3-4K this deal would have been great, maybe not a unicorn.

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Yeah, that one was a MY2017 and that contract was absurd (I think the residual was higher than the sales price, so he was basically paying 36 months of acquisition fees and didn’t opt for a one-pay despite a ~4% APR). That’s on a whole other level, too, as it was a $60k MSRP vehicle. Didn’t think we’d see anything similar on a MY2018 so major props to OP. But this is definitely an unreal deal structure and those who think it’s common should definitely be posting to the marketplace and share deals section

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BMW of San Antonio has 97 2018 330e’s in stock, of which about half look to be loaners (they all show up under new car inventory). I don’t need another car, but can someone please hack the crap out of those things today?!

haha wow 97 loaners

would be a similar payment to the OP if it was at 10k miles too. 3 Series deals are common, obviously some are more extreme than others but even some of the C Class deals have been well under 1%. The last few months with all the stars aligning has meant great deals are repeatable.

Was pretty common last year. With the MSD’s, residuals staying about the same, and a stronger desire to move the units (new model looming) I could see it be repeatable with the right dealer.

I’m still driving my $52k 330i wagon for $216 a month. :slight_smile:

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18-20% is definitely doable on the 3 series. It is just hard on the 330e as there aren’t many of them out there and when dealers see the rebate they decrease discount.

I’ve done 3 330is this month all 18-20% off

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Yeah, I was referring to the 330e specifically (because of that $6,500 lease credit)

Trim (with exception of M) doesn’t change how much they CAN go under. How much they WILL go under is a different story.

PS: Its 7k on the east coast :slight_smile:

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I am all for it. bring on the 20% off + 6k incentives …
Congrats to OP and those who find these deals easily. The BMW dealers in NE are a little more reticent


I went to the dealer yesterday 71k X6 loaner. So I said you will lease it to me for 10k discount + 6k incentives right… They laughed me out of the place …
Applying 20% logic, I should have asked for final SP = 50k
Doubt I will end up successfully getting loaner 2019 X6 for 50k

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