2018 BMW 320xi $132/mo $1k DAS, $44k MSRP


Thank everyone helping me for my very initial lease, especially @huarsenal and @Calvin_Jia introducing good dealerships and helping me get a good negotiation strategy. I thought I wouldn’t get a good lease deal, knowing my area, PNW, but with a help of timing luck and very sincere dealers that I have dealt with, it finally happened.

**Year, Make, Model, and Trim: NEW 2018 BMW 320i Xdrive

**MSRP: $44430
**Selling Price: $35290 (20.6% off MSRP)
**Monthly Payment: $121 ($132 after 8.6% tax)
**Cash Down: $772 (I tried to make it zero not to make “too good to be true” lease number, but they didn’t and running out of time)
**Cash Due at Signing: $1069 ($131.48 First Month + $531.40 Tax + $307 Gov Fee + $100 Doc Fee)
**MSD: 7 ($1050)
**Incentives:$3000 + $1000 OL + $1000 Colleage

**Annual Mileage:10k
**MF: 0.00177 - 0.00035 (7 MSD) + 0.0005 ($925 acquisition fee removed) = 0.00192

**Region:WA,OR (PNW)
**Leasehackr Score:19.8

Final two of the dealers that I had until the last minute were very sincere and proposed very generous offers (Of course, not from the beginning). I felt very bad to let one of the dealers go. Both prices were very compelling, but I just preferred the color. I would highly recommend both dealerships and dealers. I used to be very nervous about even going to a car dealership (very bad first experience). With a help of leasehacker community, I was able to achieved this number and I am looking forward to my next battle. Thanks

2018 BMW Lease - Working deals now, appreciate any tips/advice/help!

Bmw is just blowing out the 3 series – they want them gone


Amazing deal!!! Congrats!!!

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Really nice for the PNW - guessing you took a ride down to Portland, but nice job nonetheless!


Excellent deal, dude. Enjoy the ride.
And now that you seem to have a better handle on the whole dealership experience, no more nervousness, just bring a ton of swag :grin:

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Congrats!! Now getting buyers remorse on my deal lol

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I haven’t even thought of calling them. Thanks for the all good advice from PNW leasehakers.


I felt bad that not doing a business with him. Also, he was writing a check to you for introducing me to him. But, the other had a similar offer with a new car at very last minute. Thank you for your help and sorry for missing the gift.


Congrats man this is even better than what I had. which dealer did you end up with? I suppose you didn’t go to Pittsburgh lol


I am looking for my next battle. Thanks.


Wow. Half of the deal I’m looking at that I’m real proud of, putting $1k down + first payment out the door $250

$250 a month 24/10k

I am confused as to how this deal even makes sense.

Edit: I got it to that price. With low miles on the demo car. I can’t figure out why my payment is so much higher. Good thing I haven’t signed yet.

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For just $60 more per month you could have had a Corolla…rookie.


Leasehackr score of almost 20 years, nah…that isnt a good deal, LOL.

Congrats on this one, excellent work!

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Sure doesn’t look like the Auto Nation lot in Seattle area. :joy:


That’s BMW Portland downtown.

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I’m sure it is completely normal that we can identify a BMW dealer based on a small picture of the background…


Congratulations dude, Awesome deal… this gives hope for the ppl in PNW.

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Wowowowow! Way to go sir!

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