2018 Audi S6 lease help. Socal

Hey guys here’s a deal I got.

MSRP: $77,965
Your price before rebates: $57,420
<Less> Audi Loyalty: -$750
Total adjusted cap: $56,670

36 months // 15k miles per year
43% residual (@36/15k) = $33,524.95
0.00198 Money Factor (based on Tier 1 credit)
Zero down // Zero cap reduction
$2,724.66 total due at signing
[$164.36 sales tax on rebate]
[$680 lic/reg]
[$899.55 first monthly payment]
[$895 bank fee]
[$85 doc fee]
$821.51 plus tax = $899.55 total monthly

Can a better deal be had? The residual seems terrible. I thought I could score these for $700ish since this generation is about to be discontinued. New C8 Gen S6 is on the horizon.

You’re at ~25% off so you’re not going to get that much more off. Audi doesn’t inflate the residual like BMW normally does, and with 15k miles you’re pushing the cost up a bit more.

You should definitely add Audicare to cover your servicing for the lease, it will be much cheaper for your cost of ownership over the 36 months. Audicare is $999 but you get a 1% bump in residual so the effective cost is much lower and more than pays for itself.

This is terrible deal for this car at this time.

You should be able to get 30%+ off with the 15K audi money.

AUdicare is 1179 on the S6.

This is the deal I got --> $83K Audi S6 - $673 per month (w/Audicare), $1416 + MSDs DAS

PM me if you are serious and looking for something. I reached out to 10+ dealers in my search and one of those dealers is looking to unload. I can help connect you.

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I was offered 56K for a 81K car after discounts and rebate

@vxb Was that discount in SoCal?

MD and the car was leased by someone else the next day

thats 30% … great discount. I would have taken it.

The monthly payment was still $1,045 a month with only 1st month payment.

that doesnt make sense… was it base MF? what terms and did you consider MSDs?

It’s easy for them to quote a big discount if it’s offset by an inflated mf.

The discount doesn’t mean shit if they won’t sell at that price using buy rate mf.

After I asked about MF, MSDs, etc. they answered the car had been sold