2018 Audi S4 Lease - Thoughts?


Need advice on the following deal. Will need to ship or travel to pick up vehicle in Chicago so want to ensure its a good one. Thoughts?

2018 S4 - $57450 MSRP
Term: 36/10K
Gross Cap - $54648
Agreed Value - $51404
Cap Cost Reduction - $4500 ($2500 rebate and $2000 cash)
RV 55% - $32172
Rent Charge - $5097
Total Upfront - $3636 ($2000 down, 1st, $895 acquisition fee)
Monthly - $640.94 (includes TTL)

@quattromike could probably hook you up

Stuart, I sent you a PM. Bottom line, target the S4 in inventory the longest (cars.com, CarGurus), then don’t stop till you get 14% off MSRP. Others got it on the same car for $57,450. With 14% off and current incentives, MF and RV, I show you in the neighborhood of $592 per month, with ZERO drive-off. I’m using suburban taxes of 7%, but if you’re in Cook County you’re going to get crushed with taxes. Also note that the correct RV for 36/10k term is 56%.

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CarsDirect has 2019 S4 pricing. The new premium trim level has a decent amount of content, and offers a great value.

If you don’t mind me asking, which dealership did you get it at? I’m looking to pick one up in the next week or two and every dealership has quoted me ridiculous prices of 800+.