2018 Audi S3 Help

Hi All

My 2015 BMW M235i was just totaled this weekend 5 months before the lease was up. This has left me scrambling to lease a new vehicle within the limits of my insurance 30 day rental policy.

While I loved the BMW, I have always been intrigued with the Audi S3. I am in S Florida but will be moving to Colorado by the end of the year and need AWD.

The facts are, Audis dont lease well. And Im trying to make this work so any constructive criticism would be great. I am going try to get the best possible deal given the lease program and achievable discounts.

Someone said and I agree “This site is about working the lease system to your advantage. That doesn’t mean you should only be interested in cars that are extremely inexpensive to lease if the brand preference is important to you.” So I know the S3 in general isnt going to be like these smoking deals Ive been seeing on Jags and Infinitis but any help would be great!

MSRP: $51,895
Selling Price: $42,689 (13.5% off MSRP and $2200 dealer discount)
Trade-in: $0
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 15,000

MF: .00072
Residual: 46%

Total Due At Signing: $3,500 (includes 1st month, dealer fee, acq fee, dmv)
Monthly Payment Including Tax : $605
Tax Rate: 7%

So, obviously, this isnt something I would agree with. I dont want to put that much money down. I dont want to pay $600 a month. But I dont really know where to go from here. The RV and MF isnt great, and the salesman came with a strong 18% off MSRP without much prodding. They also wont take any MSDs to lower the MF, which I would definitely be open to doing.

All of the negotiation so far has taken place over phone and email. There are 6 Audi dealers within 60 mins of me, and most have 5 S3s on their lot. This dealer has 31 S3s on their lot alone.

What do I do?

Side Note: Any other fun/sporty/sharp awd cars that have better MFs or RV if this doesnt work out? I was waiting for the Golf R but they are delayed and heard they dont lease well either but I’m open to suggestions

what about an Alfa Romeo Giulia or Q50 Red sport? I bet a 340i would lease better than a 240i as well

I do like the Alfa, I might test drive one but they are such a new company I havent heard great things about the ownership experience (no loaners, things breaking, not enough dealers etc)

Q50 is on the list. Engine is awesome, just not a huge fan of the exterior/interior styling

340i is nice but I wanted something a bit different than my last car

Great ideas though

If you are open to taking over a lease Check this transfer out 1300 miles a month $467 a month $0 upfront just the transfer fees

Paying 54% of the cars value in a lease with the kind of interest they slap on Audi’s is just a lose lose in my mind. Did you look at how MSDs and applying Audi Care might help with the figures? Also, $3,500 in drive offs is ridiculous, what is the break down of those fees?

I looked into taking over an Audi lease back in 2014 and VW/Audi made it extremely difficult to hand off the lease to a non-family member. Any idea if this has changed?

That residual just kills the deal, and unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done about that.

Obviously you had no control over the timing, but in December S4’s could be had around 1% (at least in so cal). For what they’re offering that s3 at, you could have got a very well equipped s4.

I’d pass on this s3.

Looks like it. I emailed back the sales rep to see if he could work some last minute magic (no money down and lowering monthly somehow) but I doubt it so we’ll see. I know you “get more car” with the S4 but I actually prefer the S3 in terms of size and styling - except the interior of course on the S4 is gorgeous

They won’t apply msds because the mf is already too low.
The 3500 was like dealer, acq, dmv, their cut etc. when they take off so much on msrp they have to make a buck somehow I reckon.

I was looking at the S3 also but ended up going with a 2017 m240i xDrive. The 240i doesn’t lease well either but it definitely leases better than the S3. Not to mention the 240i is leaps and bounds better than the S3. The only advantage of the S3 is a slightly better interior. With the deal they are offering you, you could probably get an F Type, M2 or C43 AMG.

from what I’ve seen definitely not an M2, but probably an F-type or C43.

The question isnt “what better car could I get for that price” its more “how can I get that price down” or “whats a similar car that leases better”…

Have you looked at the Yaris and Forte?

But actually, the S60, XE and C-class would all lease better than the S3. Even the Focus, perhaps.

There’s nothing more you can do to get the price down beside a down payment. My coworker just leased an S3 and he want it so bad he put 5k down. he is also planning to buy the car at lease end. Audi lease suck, nothing more to that. Since you’re on a limited time. I suggest you look at other cars or pay to play. You can try to push it a little more.

Alfa Romeo has been doing a lot better on reliability. Also, they’ve been around 108 years, so they aren’t exactly “new”.

jokes aside youre probably correct but the volvo, jag, benz, infiniti just seem so bland compared to the “fun factor” of the S3 but of course thats subjective.

youre right. I pushed back as far as I could im waiting to hear back from him. 5k down on a lease is rough, and I wouldnt consider owning an audi after lease/warranty but im sure hes having fun driving it so thats all that matters?

If you’re set on the S3 just widen your search and keep looking for deals. Just because a dealer had a lot of inventory doesn’t mean they’re desperate to move it all, especially this early in the year.

do you reckon theyll have any extra incentives over next weekend (presidents weekend)

He’s having a blast, he got it tuned w/ intake and res. deleted. He let me test drive it and I felt in love instantly, I also love the size of the S3 too. But after hearing his numbers. I went with a 340i instead w/ much better payment.