2018 Audi Q7 Premium Plus, $650 pm, tax included

Premium Plus, Vision, 20” 2 tone Wheels

**MSRP: $59060
**Selling Price: $53658
**Monthly Payment: $600 + 50 (tax)
**Down Payment: $1800 (dmv, tax + ~$400 in CCR)
**MSD: 0
**Incentives: None
**Acquision fees: 0

**Months: 39
**Annual Mileage: 10k
**MF: 0.00145 (US Bank)
**Residual: $34850

Tax rate: 8.25%, CA

How did I do?


Ran the numbers. You did good, 3k below invoice!

Looks nice! Could you have done MSD to lower the payment even more?

No, I got 1% lower than published rate.

From where did u get such deal? am looking as well

yep curious as well!

Is this really a deal worth sharing? No

PM me if you need details…

All deals are relative and subjective.
For an Audi Q7, this is a great deal (with no initiation fee). This deal is comparable to Volvo XC90 with its inflated MSRP, which may look good on the paper. Audi Q7 is my choice given that it retains the residual value better than XC90 - IMO
Edit- Volvo XC90


Doesn’t need it’s ow thread

Is the QX90 a hybrid of a QX60 and XC90? :joy:


I meant XC90 :laughing: 20202020

Don’t like only 10k per year.

Hi, I can not PM you because I am new, but can you please give me the dealer info. Thanks

Look at the section of the forum that this thread is under, it is called “Share Deals & Tips”. It is meant to be a data point for anyone shopping for a Q7. Do you see a general Q7 leases thread that this was supposed to be posted under?

@NKS Congrats on the new car, Audis don’t lease well but this is a decent deal for a Q7!

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can you share with us more of your dislikes? we’re dying to know.

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10k just has never worked for me. Limits out of town trips, etc. I have leased a dozen cars and anything less than 15k just doesn’t seem to work in So. Cal. Almost down to a science. I don’t want to owe them anything at the end of the lease if that makes sense.

I thought on your other post you said you were learning to lease? But you’ve leased a dozen cars?

Doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing. LOL I just try to cut the best deal I can with max miles, zero out of pocket and payments i’m happy with.

Please send me dealer you leased this Q7. I’m also in CA and looking to lease