2018 Audi Q5 Premium Plus



Just received the first pass of a lease quote for a 2018 Audi Q5 Premium Plus.
36/12 term.

MSRP: $50,430
Net Cap Cost: $44,791
$0 Down

Residual: $27,737 (55%)
Depreciation Per Month: $473.74
Finance Per Month: $135.13 (APR looks to be 4.5%)
Sales Tax Per Month: $54.80 (9% in PA)

Total Payment $663.66 or 1.32% of MSRP including tax, 1.21% without tax.

Obviously does not pass the 1% rule but 11% off MSRP seems ok?

Need to check if the MF is being inflated or not.

What do you guys think? Thanks for your help!

Check Edmunds forums for the MF

Those are the numbers I collected from edmunds forums for the month of October for for New York:

your MF seems inflated

Thanks - I just got the numbers back from the wonderful folks at Edmunds…

As your sheet says it should be 0.00147.

Interestingly enough your list of cars is the same as mine with the exception of the X3.

The last 2018 High Altitude near me disappeared last Saturday and I’ve been regretting it :frowning:

I think I know which High Altitude you talking about. The guy told me it sold for 50k…that kinda high considering the 6k in discounts

11% off and base MF is close to as good as you’ll get on a Q5. We’ve seen some people get SQ5’s in the $600’s p/m, it’s been a few months since I compared residuals though. Target older stock on cargurus.com and ~15%+ seems easier to get on the SQ5.

If anyone is getting ~15% MSRP on an 18 SQ5 let me know, I think 11% is a more reasonable number.

2018 Audi Q5 - Premium +, Navarra Blue, Trading in a civic with $1500 less than the payoff.

Is this a Good deal?
Leasing for 48 months, vehicle will be registered on your name.

MSRP: $51,600
Net Cap Cost: $44,700
$1750 Down

Residual: $25,800 (50%) - after 48 months
Depreciation Per Month: $393.75
Finance Per Month: $162 (APR looks to be 5.53%)
Sales Tax Per Month: $56.00 (6.25% in tx)

Total Payment $550 for 48 months.

getting close to 13.5% off msrp.

Problem with 48 months is that you’ll most likely need to do brakes and tires near the end of the lease.

Inquire about tax credits, that’s an easy way for them to knock another ~$2k off and it doesn’t cost them anything. Double check the APR 5.53% and make sure it’s base for 48 months. 36/39 won’t be that much more but will save you more on servicing/tires/brakes/etc.

Thank you for your insights. But do you think $550 / month is a good deal with $1750 down (which includes 1st payment)?

I am planning to keep this car after 48 months, so i guess any which was i have to change.

Why wouldn’t you purchase it and get Audi car and extended warranties? The cost over 5/6 years may be better compared to a lease especially considering you may be able to get a lower interest rate this way.

Right off the bat a lease is subject to a $900 acquisition fee that I don’t believe applies to a purchase.

Don’t bother leasing with the intent to buy, just finance it from the start.

I was thinking this as well… there may be different incentives for a purchase as well over a lease. Leasing for 4 years and then purchasing after it doesn’t seem to make much sense since you’re making no principal payments and only paying on depreciation.

Audi Q5 Premium Plus

Just got this offer from Audi in FL.

MSRP $51,935
Final price: $44,892
Residual: 59%
MF: .00236
36mo/10k mi year
0 down

$599 per month after taxes…


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In Texas you should definitely not lease to buy unless you get tax credits as you’ll pay 100% tax on the lease, and then tax again on the buyout price, effectively ~150% tax.

It’s a pretty good deal, obviously the Texas sales tax and your negative equity is bumping the cost up. Tax credits or MSDs are about the only way to improve this deal.

If you do want to have a lower lease like payment but with the option to hand the car back, only BMW have a financial product called Owners Choice that does that.

Jeff_Craig, that looks pretty good. What is the pretax amount? Are there any other drive-off fees?

They’re marking up your MF. If you have solid credit, aim for the base MF, which I think it .00147.

Negotiated this Nov 30 in WI

2018 Q5 Premium Plus Tech 36/10
MSRP: 52075
DAS: 925.12 (sales use tax 178.75 + 1st month 582.37 + title/registration 164.00)
monthly including taxes and AudiCare: 582.37

I know not the best deal on here but local dealer couldn’t get close to this and had to travel 90 miles to pick the car up. All done over the phone with the internet sales manager.