2018 Audi A5 Sportback first time lease--any help much appreciated!


A long awaited dream car purchase!
First time leasing and first ever Audi, I am plenty confused and thankful for all input.

Visited 3 dealerships located in socal, seriously considering this offer:

2018 Audi A5 Sportback
Premium plus package, 19 inch wheels
MSRP $52,535

Want to lease 36 months, 12,000 miles
Dealer offered to take off $5,500 so final price 47,035
Monthly payment is $607, with taxes comes to $654.00

I am in love with this car and 100% certain it’s the one.
Is this a good enough offer, especially considering it is now December 2018? Should I take it or haggle some more?

Thank you!


The audi a7 will be very similar in price, i’d take a look at it.


Thanks for the response. Admittedly the A7 is beautiful but I really like smaller cars


I managed to get a 62K Audi S4 for the same payment…


That means nothing… S4 has entirely different programs to A5 sport back

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Point being, is that you can get a car that costs 10k more for the same payment…Audi sportbacks are terrible leases.


^^^^^^^^ here


It doesn’t matter what OP likes and wants, he should get a car that leases well. This is leasehackr, after all!


I’m generally all for getting the car that you truly want, even if it’s not a great deal.

But… if an S4 can be had for the exact same terms as an a5 sport back, that would be tough to pass up. Aesthetically, the cars are almost identical.


Tell that to my wife…


By that metric, everyone should drive a QX60.



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I appreciate your input. I’m wondering if it was a difficult deal to reach? Or were they pretty willing to go down such a high amount?
I’m also curious if your location influences this as well


If anyone is willing to elaborate I’m wondering why the A5 doesn’t lease well? Do you think the car is not reliable, is there another you’d recommend?
I don’t mean to sound ill informed,the truth is I spent a great deal of hours researching and at the dealerships. But I don’t have much knowledge on the technical aspect of cars. A5s sounded great but now you all have me a bit worried haha.

I initially wanted an A3, was told numerous times it is not worth the money and should go minimally for an A4.
Tried the A4, its nice but I find the A5 so darn gorgeous.
However, I don’t want to regret this decision so if you think the A5 is truly a bad idea please share why. It’s my first real car purchase and I don’t personally know anyone who can help (the Audi salespeople aren’t exactly unbiased…).

Many thanks.


The A5, particularly the SB is in high demand. Audi has no incentive to subsidize it so the MF is really high- almost at Porsche levels. The A4/A5 are exactly the same platform with the same engine and drive train but an A4 is $150/month less to lease.


As far as I can tell, posters are simply commenting on the lease deal (which has nothing to do w/ whether the car itself is “good” or not).

You fell in love w/ the car and now want it, even if it’s more expensive (but maybe doesn’t drive much different than an A4). Presumably, that’s what luxury auto manufacturers want.

I’m sure the car is lovely. And if you lease it, who cars if the car is unreliable, as long as they give you a loaner and the service station is close by?

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Hey Splash take a look at cargurus


There really isn’t much difference between A4 and A5 Sportback.


When people comment something doesn’t lease well, it usually means you can get something similar for less or something more expensive for the same price.


Correct, and at that point you have to determine if the similar and cheaper car is similar enough to make you happy, or, will you regret your decision later on.

If an s4 can really be had at or near the same term as an a5 sportback (which I suspect is true), I can’t imagine you’d be unhappy with that.


The A5 sportback does not lease well because Audi inflates the money factor more than the A5 coupe, and much more than the A4. There are also fewer incentives for the sportback. This is because the sportback sells very well and does not need to be subsidized or incentivized. The A4 and S4 are better leases because the money factor is better and there are more incentives and discounts. A 10% discount on a sportback is very good, whereas you could get a 13%+ discount off an A4 or S4. Since the A4 is the same car as the A5 sportback except for the different body, the A4 will save you a ton. The monthly payment on an S4 would be about the same or even less than the sportback, plus you get the better engine. Personally, I opted for the A5 coupe because I wanted the coupe body style. I negotiated 13% off MSRP before rebates on a 2019, so I could order what I wanted. The dealer offered me that discount on the A5 coupe, A4 and S4, but not the sportback. My monthly payment will be about the same on the A5 as it would on a stripped down S4. But the A4 would have saved me $100 per month. Just understand that if you go with the car you love, it may cost you a little more. Just as long as you’re happy, go for it.