2018 Audi A5 Sportback first time lease--any help much appreciated!



Hard to turn down the interior of an S4 (massage seats) for the same payment on an A5 Sportback.


A7 is similar price ? i’d like to check it out if you have some examples !


plus taxes fees I did one in the 630s for 39/10


2018 a7 won’t be as cheap to lease as an a5 sportback but it might be close. There’s a ton of lease cash from Audi.

Last year I was offered $1500 out of pocket and $590/month (7500 mi/yr) on an absolute base a7.


got me all excited i thought it was gonna be sub 600s lol

back to reality

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I do this everyday… I know where they land. I just did one at 650 + tax. 39/10. 75k msrp, customer picking up next week. Cheaper models going for 630s, customer wanted the comp pack

74k msrp
54k sales price


I that on a 2018 or 2019 A7?


I’d be super impressed if they were doing 22k off MSRP on a brand new model.


@Splash, what’s the DAS? If it’s zero then decent deal for 12k miles

@GeorgeCSL is offering 569 with zero down for 7.5k miles for comparison


As @nyclife said, these are running very cheap right now. $850 is way too high.

2018 A7 Premium Plus 3.0t. $72,200 MSRP.
$659 with $0 down, plus taxes and fees. Knock off another $30 if you can show an Audi in the household.
39 month lease, 7.5k miles per year.

I have not seen it mentioned on this post yet, but the 2018 A6 Premium has a great deal right now as well.
$50,830 MSRP.
$429 with $0 down, plus taxes and fees. Another $30 off for loyalty.
39 months, 7.5k miles per year.

@Splash Either one of these is better than the deal on the A5 SB right now in my opinion.


But that is not with full taxes? In MD we are taxed on full car


We’re not including taxes, just talking bottom line on the deals. I’m not sure what tax would do to these deals in MD. I stick to the west coast, but Quentin(nyclife) has a solid deal for the east coast.


You’re off on the miles, go to the calculator on here and use the perimeters you have from this post.
74k msrp
52k selling
.00044 money factor
40% residual at 15k for 39 months.
42% residual at 12k for 39 months.
43% residual at 10k for 39 months.


4% RV difference between 7.5k and 15k right? So it’d be closer to $75/month difference for a $74k car.


So it would be 4% difference, in case of going fron 7.5k to 15k


I was using Nyclife’s figures, so I did my math assuming 10k miles.


Are these deals still possible? Does this already include MSDs? If it doesn’t, then if my math is right, you could get this close to $600 with MSDs. If that’s the case, then I’m very interested.


Doesn’t include msds.


how much are you putting down?