2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio - Two Deals



Folks the dealer I worked with here in the Seattle area has a limited amount of 20% off inventory left (basically only base units). If that is of interest I’m happy to send you the contact info for the person I dealt with. Per usual, nothing in it for me other than helping someone score a deal in overpriced Seattle.


I don’t get it why they still give 20% only on base model. I believe they have been doing this deal for a while.


Kind of. It’s mostly on Stelvio base now, but when they had more inventory it was on some Sports, too. All depends on eligible aged inventory.

I have not seen 20% off on a Ti/Ti Sport yet. Most I’ve seen is 16-17%.


When I got my ti(20% off + $3250 incentive), I assumed that they did misunderstanding cuz what I talked to my dealership manager was Seattle is giving 20% off + incentive so they might thought that Seattle gives 20%for all models on stelvio and now my dealership stop giving same deals anymore after me…


Hi. I received this offer from a dealer in Northern California. Does the money factor and residual look correct? How does everything else look?


Not great - not enough discount. Try to find an aged unit and shoot for 17-20% off before rebates.


What do you all think of this deal I’m being offered.

MSRP $52,490
Sale price $ 40,360

$500 DAS


Where are you located? You should be able to do better


NYC, and yea when i run the numbers on the calculator there seems to be more room. But this one has all the features I want in the color and wheels I want so I may just go for it.


That looks great for NYC area, I’m in NJ and had to drive 5 hours to get equal deal


It’s def not a horrible deal for the east coast. I’m in philly and I have to ship mine from Justin at Alfa of Erie. If you google “Chrysler incentive true car” you’ll get a coupon code for another $500 off. Also if you have a Chrysler brand vehicle there’s $500 loyalty

51355 msrp, $416/mo 24/12, $0 due as signing, tax, tags, doc included. Check with Justin. He might be able to save you $1000 even with shipping


Ive been in communication with him unfortunately he only has a color I dislike with the dynamic plus package. thanks


Better deals are out there, but the higher MSRP you go and the more specific you are with options/colors, the less likely you are to get the deal you want. Aged inventory is starting to drop, so you may need to widen your search area.


Where in NJ. Im south jersey and really finding it hard to get a significant discount on a Ti, about 51,000
$549 x 36months 10k miles plus tax and tags


how can you tell aged inventory? Cr gurus? Trucar?


Car gurus will tell you. Only issue with that is car gurus doesn’t have ALL inventory…ie some dealerships won’t show up


Stelvio deals have gotten a lot worse since July/August unfortunately…


I’m searching here for some Stelvio and E Pace lease deals that the dealers do not want me to know about. I’m new to the site and having trouble locating the info I need. I can find MF and Res on Edmunds but I came hear hoping to get some more insight. It seems most dealerships know about this site and obviously try to discredit it but I have found all the information pretty reliable.
Any hints what I should be searching for to get the info I want?


Talk to Justin at Erie Alfa Romeo, I drove from NJ because there was no BS and I got a great deal. Deals have gotten worse since I purchased but I got an MSRP $53K for $1,000 down $425 a month 24/10 which includes tax and tags.


Im in south jersey. where did you travel to get a good deal?