2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio - Two Deals



I agree with GDR1, Talk to Justin at Erie Alfa Romeo. I got a 50k MSRP Stelvio 24/15 for 417 a month with literally nothing down and nothing due at signing. Also I was only responsible for 23 payments. This was in July and includes FCA supplier but honestly all negotiations were done online and I had spent a total of 2 hours in the dealership. Currently looking at leasing a 540 and I wish Justin had those too. He’s not going to waste your time if you are realistic.


Try Criswell in Maryland. I drove down there from central NJ. Search for Stelvio NJ and you’ll probably find my post from Sept.


Which SM were you working with at Criswell?


Here is my thread:


Isn’t that deal from the weekend that everyone was getting stelvios in the 350 to 400 range?

Haven’t see anything like that sales push since.


It was a good month. :wink:


Still hoping for another one like it!


Hello Everyone,

New to this forum. Wife’s lease is ending and she wanted something different than the Explorer Sport she has, but without a loss in power. I have a Durango RT Blacktop quoted at $499 with $1,500 DAS MSRP ($53k), but I’ve been reading a few of these topics, and don’t mind spending less on a 2019 Stelvio Ti Sport Black Edition.

I’ve seen some $0 DAS deals posted as well as a recent one with $1,000 DAS at $425/mo (24/12k) for 18 Ti Sports and was wondering if anyone had an idea on where to find a good price.

I just emailed Justin at Erie, as he seems to be popular in this forum, so we will see what he responds with.

I’m in NJ btw

Thanks for your help


Sounds like a great deal. Would sign it in a heartbeat for 12k miles per year and a 2019 Stelvio Ti Sport with Black Edition. I think it’s a similar MSRP when built online with the usual options. I emailed Justin, so let’s see.


Got the following lease deal I’m considering on an 18 TI Sport. It’s 39/15 with first month, tax, acqusition upfront. I’m in VA.

MSRP: 48,590
Rebate: 6,250
Total Purchase: 34,347
ACQ: 595
Processing: 299 (Is acquisition and a processing the norm?)
Tax: 1437.81
Non Tax Fees: 187 (Is this a normal charge?)
Net Price: 36,866.56

Monthly payment: $449


You are lucky buying in MD (Criswell?), though there is a disclosure in MD: “not required by law”. So, you may try fighting it. You’d be paying $699 to a VA dealer.
And you always pay acquisition fee.


$14k off is a crazy good deal. You miss showing the MF and RV as dealers can fudge those to make your payment higher.


A dealer cannot fudge the RV.


They can definitely mark up that MF, though :confused: