2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio - Two Deals

Negotiated two deals this week, one on each coast, for Stelvios.

Deal #1:
2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Sport AWD
Vesuvio Gray
MSRP: $46,240
Incentives: $3250
Term: 24/12 (Ally)
DAS: $1500 ($336 first month, $150 doc fee, $700 tags, and $314 tax on incentives)
Monthly: $336 Including 10.4% WA tax

Deal #2:
2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport AWD
Misano Blue
MSRP: $52,890
Incentives: $3250
Term: 24/12 (Ally)
DAS: $1000 (first month, tags, doc fee)
Monthly: $448 including 9% PA tax
Registered in Philly region, dealer in Northern NJ

I can give a more specific break down of the numbers and rates when I get back to a computer. Neither deal included any additional FCA or truecar incentives.

Deal in Seattle replicable on certain lower MSRP Stelvios. Deal in NJ not replicable from our dealer but probably can be done at some others.


I was trying for a similar deal to the NJ one today on Long Island. Didn’t have a ton of time to work at it but what leads you to believe that the NJ one wouldn’t be replicatable at that dealer? Was it an older car that had extra $ to move it?

Correct. And I asked for the sake of the fine folks here. I can see if they would do that level of discount on non-Ti Sport models.

Any idea how much is the incentive on the older inventory? I guess if we wanted a newer one any thought on what the target should be? Most of This dealers better optioned trucks are in transit or have the C in the vin.

Not sure but was told it was substantial. I used Cargurus to identify dealers with inventory that had been around more than 200 days.

The dealers in NY/NJ play so many games. I looked for about two months and I got quotes from five different dealers, in NY/NJ, all very high.

Best NJ deal I got in NJ was MSRP $47,935: $1,000 DAS $553 a month
Best NY deal I got was MSRP $47640: $1,000 DAS $479 a month
Best PA deal I got was MSRP $52,940: $1,000 DAS $425 a month

Call Justin at Alfa Romeo Erie, no BS

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No argument from me. I never dealt with Fullerton though as they never got back to me.

Like I said, right place and right time. Going to Erie was not an option here.

Which dealer in NJ did you get the deal from?

Solid job :+1:


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You’ve got PM. 202020

All -

The dealer in the Seattle area I worked with needs to move at least one unit before the end of the day. Willing to do 20% off before incentives on a base or Sport AWD that is currently in stock.

Send me a PM if you want a referral and are ready to do a deal today (sign and take delivery). Right now, they aren’t eager to go that deep on a Ti or Ti Sport.

Nothing in it for me other than the satisfaction of helping someone get a deal in the dumpster fire of car deals that is typically Seattle.



Hi! Can you please PM dealer info? Will they help ship the car? I’m in SF.

Not sure about out of state but I am not going to ask them on the last day of the month, hours before close, when they need to close out the deals they can stamp for this month.

Happy to check with them later this week.

Will they still be willing to offer 20%?

No way of knowing until we see what August brings incentives wise.

Can I have the dealer information for Seattle? I’m going to see what they can work out for August.


Hi all,

I’ll check in with them this week once they have updated incentives and see if they are willing to do similar deals this month.

If they are, I’ll make the referral - don’t want to burn a dealer contact unnecessarily and waste everyone’s time - I’ve had that happen one too many times already.


I strongly agree with you.

I’m not a broker, but I am working on a deal for a Stelvio now. Anyone know how long a car has to sit to qualify for the AR aged inventory $1000 rebate?

I’ve managed to get almost 16% off msrp BEFORE the incentives and rebates, but an extra $1k would put this into uncharted territory, like .6%

Dealers factor the aged inventory rebate into their sale price. I would assume the older the better - figure 180 days+.