2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio - $311.83 Tax incl. - $1K Incentive - 14 months left - 4K miles left - $53,000 - San Diego, CA


For lease transfer is my 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio with 16050 miles on it. The lease has approx 4000 miles remaining. The buyout is about $32,000. The car is fully loaded with all the options:

Now 14 months left with 13 payments remaining and offering a $1000 incentive. Payments are $311.83 after applying the $1000 incentive. Contract payments are $388.75 Tax included.

To clarify, the $1000 incentive can be used to either pay the over miles at the rate of $0.20 per mile or it can be put in a bank and help reduce the payments to $311. I am not a financial adviser and cant tell you what to do with the $1000. The contract payment and miles cannot be adjusted. So this means, if you take over the car you have a payment of $388 for 13 months and 4000 miles left. Additionally I will give a $1000.

Adaptive cruise control
Lane departure warning
Panoramic sunroof/moonroof
harman kardon sound
3D Nav
Red brake calipers

and more

3XX miles a month left? Yikes. You may need to offer a significant incentive to move this.


Thank you for your recommendation, ill keep in mind. However, a $1000 in incentives equals 5000 extra miles (10,000 miles for the next 15 months) which is enough for me as I will not commute as much anymore. Therefore I would either keep this car or it may be ideal for someone who does not drive much and may want to but it out in the end :slight_smile:

OK - please also include your location in the title and in your description. We don’t know where you are.

added the location. Thanks

Added a $1000 incentive

Beautiful vehicle nice payment but miles left kills it

Thank you. The $1000 incentive buys an additional 5000 miles

You say $1000 incentive and $311 payment and then you say $1000 is equal to 5000 miles. You can’t have both…


You are right. The contract payments cannot be changed so the $1000 can be used for anything. It can be saved and paid for over miles or it can be deducted from monthly payments or it can pay about 3 months of payments ahead. In either case if the car is driven 5000 extra miles the payment still remains at $388 (which is a very good payment for this car) … I think the math is pretty easy for anyone who is looking at cars in this forum :grin::grin:

Your lease is thru Ally? Someone else tried to swap their Alfa and they were thru Chrysler and it was a no go. Just a heads up :+1:

It is through Ally. Never leased through Chrysler Cap. Thank you for the heads up.


Congratulations. You just posted a lease transfer for $1 a mile. More than the actual cost of a new vehicle. You would need to add another $2,000 incentive for this to be the same price as a new vehicle (on a cost per mile basis).

Would you mind sharing your calculations and assumptions it is based on? Thank you

You have 4,000 miles left

$311.83 x 13 payments = $4,053.79

=$1.01 per mile

If I want to pay $1 a mile, i’ll take that used i8 that’s also posted on the transfer. You basically drove up 80% of the miles and would like to pass it up as a “LOW LEASE.” But it is worse than getting a new Alfa R Stelvio from the dealership.

It differs for every person. Getting a new one with the same MSRP is about $550 per month right now so the difference is whether you want to be under about $15k loan or $4k loan and also how much payment can one afford ($550 or $311) Also your calculations make sense if you assume leasing a new one, you won’t go over miles or even stay under miles ! Also I’m not “passing it up” as anything. I’ve put all the numbers as they are … also keep in mind, somebody might want to take over the lease to buy it out in the end since the car was $53K , 32K buyout is not bad.

Worth keeping in mind by adding more miles past the original 20k the next person may end up having to change the tires. In any event, the market will decide if the deal makes sense, good luck.

You can buy a new 2018 right now for close to your buy out so that scenario doesn’t work.

What was your MSRP?

You cannot buy a new $53K Stelvio for $32K, please post the link if you find one and please include details if you make a claim. Besides I dont see how this pertains to you! I have simply posted a private deal … If this deal makes sense to someone because they may drive few miles and looking for a low payment then great. With the incentive whoever taking over the lease can drive about 9000 miles over the next 13 months and have a low monthly payment of $388. This deal does not make sense for some people (you being one of them) and by now you have made that clear :slight_smile: Thank you for your input.

Thank you for your input. Tire usage depends on driving habits and other factors, Currently the tire threads are over 50% remaining.