2018 330i M/T service loaner lease



2018 330i retired service loaner with M/T and 4900 miles.

**MSRP: $ 41,410
**Selling Price: $31,571
**Monthly Payment: $230 +tax
**Cash Due at Signing: only first month and MSDs, everything else rolled in.
**MSD: maxed at 1,750
**Incentives: $4,000 credit lease, 1,000 loyalty, 500 OL code.

**Annual Mileage: 15k
**MF: .00243 (yes dealer marked up .0004 MF, could not negotiate. Applied 7 MSDs and Bump MF to waive acq. to compensate.)
**Residual: 63% (subtract 1100 for miles adj)

**Region: CA

Leasehackr Score: 13.8
Miles adjustment screwed my original math, but LH member Ursus cleared that up while negotiating. Still looked like a good deal so I took it. LH masters let me know if I missed something, it’s my first time leasing a BMW.

Forgot, a separate question, do you recommend getting the BMW Ultimate Care+ for $700? They were pushing it pretty hard because it includes brakes and clutch disc. I said no because I mostly drive 90% freeway, but I guess I can still get it if you think its worth it.
Will post pic later tonight. Thanks to all LH members for their valuable advice in these forums.

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If you go through brakes and/or clutch in 30k miles, you’d better reevaluate your stick driving abilities. ;b

That is an amazing payment. I didn’t think they even built a 330i with such a low MSRP. haha. congrats.


Truly a unicorn. Beautiful deal. I cannot possibly imagine what dealer would have had the cajones to give out a manual as a loaner these days.

The ONLY reason I’d consider the ultimate care is because you got it so cheap AND lord knows what happened to that clutch in the first 4900 miles…


good point!


Hi Q! Nice to see you here too :grinning: yeah it’s a very basic one but still nice. The clutch felt ok during the test drive, no chatter or jumpy. Would they consider abuse if clutch fails before 35k?


So hard to know. FF makes a really good point about the nearly 5k loaner miles. $700 would bump your payment like $30-$35. Maybe its worth peace of mind, and your payment would still be spectacular. And, you have the added fun of clutch drops without fear. haha.


Thanks FF, you make a good point. Just read you can ask for a refund within 60 days in CA so I can buy it and see how the clutch feels? Is Mr Shiftright here too? :grin: j/k


Haha. I see you lurk elsewhere!

For me, I’d get it for the low ag factor - beat the snot out of it, hand it back in, don’t worry about anything. Clutch burns out? Not your problem. Wear your brakes out? Not your problem. If it didn’t include the clutch I’d say forget it.


Agreed, but would not mind “enjoying” a 6MT 330 if my car was in service :joy:


great deal, I’m amazed you found a manual.

you can buy UltimateCare+ from BMW for $600. I paid $1000 for it upfront and got it refunded, so you live and you learn.

you won’t blast through the brakes and clutch after 30k miles. If you think you will, buy the UltimateCare+, I think you get a prorated refund if you don’t end up using it (at least thats what the F&I guy told me during inception).


Get it if you have fun driving roads around you. My 340i is set to have brakes replaced at under 30.


Thanks mrpanda. Question: How can I purchase directly from BMW? Do I have to buy it at time of delivery? I am asking because dealer was pretty firm at 700 and that I had to purchase right there that time or lose it.


yup, they had me. your will was stronger during signing lol.

BMW directly emailed me roughly 1 month and 10 days after inception. Trust me you aren’t missing out on anything. BMW will try to upsell you UltimateCare+, here is a excerpt:


Congratulations on leasing your new 2018 BMW X2 xDrive28i. Enjoy every minute behind the wheel, and keep your BMW at its very best, by upgrading to full coverage with BMW Ultimate Care+ for only $600 for the first 3 years / 36,000 miles.

This led to some semi-generic link (which I assume the only variable parameter is your account number, but they do have the link encoded so it’s just gibberish to the end user)

FYI: you can calculate it with this link too https://bmwusaservice.com/ultimatecare, scroll to the bottom, start with model year and go from there.


I’m jealous! A loaner MT?! I’d love this deal.


Unlikely to be a loaner in the traditional sense. Hardly anyone knows how to drive stick any more. Must have been a Corp exec or manager car


I wanted a normal automatic as listed so my wife could use the car too, but it ended up being a M/T when they pulled out the car. Asked for a better deal and took it from there … now I have to teach her to shift…another point for getting the ultimate care+… hmm.


was it a loaner too?


Just out of curiosity, couldn’t the dealer simply say that it was a loaner when in reality it wasn’t – repo, return or whatever? You could tell if it was registered from the carfax, but I have seen plenty of previously registered cars listed as loaners.


Could you DM the dealership?


I don’t think anything previously privately registered would qualify for any new car programs