2018 330i M/T service loaner lease



I hear you there. However, the dealer probably owns it at significantly less than its original invoice. Does the bank funding the lease really care how the dealer comes to the net cap cost?


I too was suspicious, carfax says registered as corporate fleet vehicle. Did confirm that original standard maintenance plan transferred over, I believe if its privately registered it cannot. Did push the salesman on how strange to offer M/T loaners, he wasn’t that surprised and told me they’ve had M/T cars before as backups. I guess that it was used mostly by dealer staff while in loaner status.


nope, new. I don’t think it matters though, and upsell is an upsell


I would do this deal in a heartbeat. Amazing find and congrats! Truly a unicorn of unicorns!!


As a guy who prefers 6MT, I could see them using it for when folks bring in other 6MTs. But I’m still surprised.


With 24 month lease only, you made sure to have warranty AND service available. When is the first date per Carfax the car was put in service compared to your lease start?

One consideration to give evaluating deals is that higher mileage loaners (usually factory cars) which have an old inception date can potentially run out of maintenance (3/36) or with 36 months lease even run out of 4y warranty.

I am preparing a deal for an older 540 loaner with more than 6k miles and have to choose 30 or 24 months as only options to have warranty. The 30month option would bring me 9 months out of the maintenance window. Do you guys see it as risk ? The BMW Ultimate Care+ ($600) would not solve anything as it would stop at 3 years anyway and the BMW Ultimate Care+1 (year) is $1250.
It seems that I shall follow your example with the 24 month option.


With a start date of 03/18 they didn’t push on the maintenance plans because I was just within the window. Of note is the impact 4900 miles does to the residual, it surprised me.


Over 5k has either a 4% or 6% residual hit (depending on when it was inventoried) in addition to miles penalty. You’ll also lose any and all rebates. You better have one helluva discount to make it viable.


Hi. I was just looking for tips on how to find a manual like yours. I’d drive it all the way back to NY if I could. I can’t seem to find any on the east coast. So if you have advice I would love to hear it. Or if you want to do a lease takeover haha.


No special tips to give really. The dealer had inventoried the car incorrectly, as it showed as Sport Auto in both their listings and price sheet. Search dealers sites in the sections for loaner cars, check each vin with a vin decoder if no pictures are available and verify true build. Don’t trust what the listing says. Might get lucky.

I do recommend you have a lease calculator app handy because inside the sales office they change things. For me it was the lowered residual value Ursus here helped me figure out, had to manually adjust the RV % to account for the hefty miles adjustment (I truly believed it applied only to cars over 5,000 miles.) Accepted marked up MF only if they would waive acq fee and take max MSDs, they said ok. The rest is just math. Feel weird about taking the marked up MF, and not fighting more to have it adjusted… but hey pick your fights right?. With the little app decided to roll all fees into the lease because if I paid anything upfront the monthly would be ridiculous and didn’t want any red flags. Lease calc showed 24/12k true zero would have been $205/mo with tax, which I almost took, but decided 25/15k in the end because I will use the miles. Good luck with your search.


Can you PM the dealer info?


Because you think the dealer will have another manual loaner? Good luck!!


Sure, it was Buena Park BMW in SoCal. Q is right, I don’t know about a manual, but they still have a grey 330i loaner that is around 20% discount. Ask for Jose Lopez, he was easy to work with.


Manuals are so sexy…


That looks like a 320i manual trans… 330i…


That’s the M Sport knob, which can be had on various 3-series models, regardless of engine. OP’s car is a 330i… because he leased a 330i and should know what car he got, but also because it has silver finishers on the lower fascia, which the 320i doesn’t have.