2017 Volvo XC90 Inscription Lease Deal

Hi All!

I’ve been negotiating a 2017 fully loaded volvo xc90 Inscription. I’m located in Los Angeles and have a couple dealers around me. I would like to know if this is a fair deal?

36mo / 12k
MSRP: $67,510.00
Sales Price: $59,349
Cash Due: $4,500
Payment: $747

Been going back an forth for a few days. Not sure how good this is?


That discount looks decent, but that down and monthly don’t. What’s the RV and MF?


That info is not listed on their online estimate. I’ll ask for it now. Sorry, I’m new to leasing :confused:

Ok here it is:

MF .00169 RV 55%

Using those values, I calculate a payment of about $820 a month before taxes. Subtracting $125/mo (4500/36), I get about $695/mo.

Does your quote include taxes?

The XC90 is a very popular SUV. As such, it just doesn’t lease that well, because Volvo doesn’t have to discount it much to get people to buy it.

But it’s a really nice SUV with relatively good gas mileage, great pick up, fantastic interior, and lots of active safety features. So if you like it, well it is what it is!

Can’t you get a Porche Cayenne for that kind of price? Seems like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a Volvo, but whatever works for you.

You can, but the Volvo is a fantastic family car. They can sell everyone they make and have no reason to discount. If I could I would have one for my wife.

I imagine you could get a base model Cayenne but it wouldn’t be nearly well as equipped as the XC90 Inscription.

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Yeah the monthly includes taxes.

It’s an awesome car and we like for all of those reasons you wrote lol.

Cayennes are dime in a dozen in my area. Also the new 2018 model will come with a complete redesign! I would be a base with not nearly as much options as the Volvo.


We have a little one now so I need to get rid of my F Pace S, there is no space in there lol. The XC90 looks great in and out and the cargo space is amazing.

If you currently have an F-Pace, then you have experience already with high-demand vehicles that lease poorly. Enjoy the XC90. :+1:


haha yeah pretty much. Thats why I decided to finance it instead. Have a private buyer for it already :grin:

I’ve never understood this obsession with space. What could you possibly need for a little one that won’t fit in a sedan, let alone an SUV?

More of an actual necessity than obsession in our case tbh, or else we would be more than fine with the F Pace S lol. To be used for multiple applications, but baby is #1.

Volvo sold 2,751 XC90s last month and there’s only 3,741 cars listed for sale in the US, which gives them about 50 days of inventory or much lower than the ideal 60 days. Their lone factory can’t keep up with demand. So yea, it is what it is.

Woah! Those are some crazy numbers :scream: . Picking it up tomorrow AM . It is what it is lol

Damn yo a volvo for 67K or even 59K? What are you seeing in that that I’m not seeing?

And according to carcomplaints.com, the XC90 2016 model already has 5 official recalls, 68 Technical service bulletins (TSBs manufacturer warranty covered defects filed with the NHTSA) and 70 NHTSA complaints filed with the government.

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Thanks for posting this! I’ll look a little more into these problems and see whats up.

Volvo of Mission Viejo quoted me a Money Factor of .00001 on an S90. Can you use that as leverage somehow? Not sure if the MF changes by model.

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