2017 Volvo S90 T6 Inscription Deal in Work

I’ll just say upfront I think my expectations may be too high here. I’ve been bitten by the upgraded package bug and I think it’s going to kill this for me.

Expectations going in were sub-400 payment and want to get as many features as my current car has - heated steering wheel, heated/vented front seats, lively engine. Current lease isn’t up until January so I can easily walk away and wait. Just seeing how good these S90 deals can get.

I’ve driven both a T5 Momentum and a T6 Momentum but I’m still missing features until I get up to a T6 Inscription. So here’s the first quote on the T6 Inscription:

2017 S90 T6 Inscription
MSRP: 60605
Discount before incentives: 54488 (10%)
Volvo Incentives: -7700
Govt Fees: 3.50
Proc/Doc Fees: 399
Acq Fee: 995
Gross Cap Cost: 48957 (includes ~771 from tax on incentives rolled to cap I’m told)
Costco or Morgan Stanley Elite Bonus: -3000
Net Cap Cost: 45957

MF: .00007
RV: 49%


Monthly: 499/mo w/ tax included
Drive off: First month

I’ve had better discounts offered by this dealer on two quotes on lower trim models - usually in the area of 12%/12.5%.

I need this to be under 420/mo. If I’m doing the calcs right, I think I need to ask for another 2k off selling price or around 14% off before incentives. Not sure if that’s just asking for a great deal or simple crazy talk.

Not a luxury car shopper and playing way over my head now. Just can’t break the budget. Any help you can offer?

Get T5 with MOM+ package. It will give you heated steering wheel (or maybe not?) and lower payments.

Great discount before adding incentives. I would make sure they are using the correct MF, I know on 2018 Inscriptions it is .00001, not sure on 2017. I would also play off the fact it is a 2017, since the 18’s have longer wheelbase, and new pano sunroofs, and 4 year subscription to their volvo app (remote start etc.) they will want to clear '17s out. You can also ask them for regular pull ahead relief if your current lease doesn’t qualify for conquest. Ask them to take off a couple current lease payments off the total…

where are you located. I tried T5 Momentum yesterday, and the max discount was 6%. For 54K car i was given the quote of $452/month

You’re right. The T6 MOM I drove for a day had the climate package and had heated wheel on it. Nice car - payment on that one came to around $463 as first offer. My hangup there was this - I got back into my current car and the seats blew the Mom seats out of the water. Makes me want the nice ventilated seats in the Inscription.

Like I said…I think my upgrade bug is killing a deal here but I don’t want to doubt this later after the new shine wears off.

Momentum Plus is the active LED headlights and other cool tech. Heated steering wheel is the Climate package.

If you decide on S90, then just get T5 with climate

Yeah, wasn’t sure where I saw it.

I hear ya - I know what the smart money play is. Once you drive that T6 though…

And the seats TBH aren’t great in Momentum. My Fusion blows them away. I have suffered back issues for a long time. Crappy seats aren’t an option.

I have to disagree. I’m sure the Inscription seats are better but the seats in the Momentum are extremely comfortable. I’m coming from a S60 and that had amazing seats but these are even better.

Volvo has the best seats in the biz. The T6 however is definitely worth the upgrade. Blows my S60 T5 out of the water.

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I agree with @mzcool. I’ve always found Volvo’s seats to be the most comfortable. I drove T5 MOM and didn’t notice anything different.

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I had a Cadillac ATS rental for a week while my car was in the shop for minor body work. The seats in that car among other factors made me totally write it off as a next car.

I think I know completely how you feel. You’re a sucker for good deals aren’t you, but you’re just not quite sure the Volvo S90 is for you.

This Volvo has been stressing me out for nearly six months. I’ve got a spreadsheet that tracks at least ten different cars, and the S90 stubbornly stays on top as the best deal.

I had pretty much written off until this damn $3,000 Costco rebate showed up. So then I made the dealership rounds again, but no dealership wants to cut a cheap deal.

I think if you liked the car, $450 to $550 a month for a $60k S90 T6 Inscription is a great deal. But do you really like the car?

For me, I just don’t like it enough. I’ll consider a Buick Encore for $150 because it’s a good deal, but $550/mo plus luxury car insurance is not fundamentally cheap enough to me to buy just because it’s a good deal.

On the S90 T5 vs T6 debate, I just don’t think the T5 is special enough especially if you can’t find one with the options you want. You can get get a lot of the same equipment and features in a still cheaper mass market brand.

On the '17 vs '18 debate, a 200" car will physically not fit in my garage. I looked at the 197" Genesis two years ago, and the only way I could make that work was by backing it in.

So do you really need the S90?

Yeah, you’re kinda in my head on this one. Especially that line about equipment and features in mass market brands.

I love a good deal. I also love the idea of driving a luxury brand car on a deal. However, I don’t think I’m willing to give up some of those features that, lets be honest, I’ve had in mass market vehicles since 2009, just to drive a luxury brand car. At some point in time, I’ll forget how much I’m paying per month and I’ll just be driving the car - the deal part will fade. Will I miss the equipment niceties and regret the purchase?

And I see the other side also. This car isn’t a Ford or a Honda and that’s an unfair comparison. Standard features on this car aren’t even available on mass market cars. Fit, finish, provided service for life of the lease, etc.

It’ll probably come down to how good of a deal they can make on which model. If the experts hear have any advice on how to make this work any better, I’m all ears. Otherwise, it might just be Hail Mary time and see if they bite.

Only other thing is find an Inscription Loaner, and a dealership that ignores that exclusion of Costco/A Plan. I was offered another $2k off of a 6k loaner.

It kills me how hard it is to find adaptive cruise control on an Audi or BMW, but there are dozens to choose from over at VW or Honda. I mean why is adaptive cruise only available on an order-only Prestige model for $52k when my Mazda6 had it standard for $30,100?

I didn’t think the Mazda was built poorly; the dealership offered a great environment and service. (It was a little loud).

One of my cars is currently an electric Cadillac coupe with a great presence, three cows, and 2 trees on the inside. I admit that I like how posh it is, and the valets always park it up front.

Sure, I like that, but not enough to pay 2x as much…

Yep, it’s insane. My parents had a 2004 Toyota Sienna equipped with it and it’s still hard to find in luxury cars.

How frequent have you seen this happen? Dealer still applying A-plan to a loaner.

It’s funny - the S90 comes standard with adaptive cruise, lane assist, semi-autonomous driving but you have to option the thing way up to get heated steering wheel, blind spot and what I would still consider basic good seats from a mass market car.

I confirmed with the dealer my hunches on the seating. Momentum seating is standard. Inscription level gets not only cooling but premium leather and what they call Contour seating (what you guys are referring to as “great Volvo seating”. Also adds power side bolster and power thigh extension. Volvo - would it kill you guys just to have nice cushy seats as standard and just add all the power wiz-bangs for premium?

It looks like their kind of getting their act together for the 2018s though - heated seats and steering wheel have been split out from the Climate pkg which is also heated windshield (weird looking), heated headlight washers, heated rear seats, etc. Step in the right direction.

Thanks for the advice guys. Sounds like I’m doing alright deal wise. Might just not be a good fit for a mass market budget guy with a long list of wants.

They do have it. Maybe it’s your sensitive back which not standard? :slight_smile: