2017 Volvo S60 Inscription Lease


Ok then, that’s understandable


I’ve been hacking a deal in MD on an s60 that I’m not going to take advantage of right now. 15% off MSRP before incentives on a AWD Dynamic (but they intimated they could do that on any new s60). Standard MF 0.00001 but acquisition fee of $895.

PM me if you are interested and I will share the dealer and details.

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Say hi to Santa for me up in the North Pole. Maybe that’s why Acquisition fee is so high - the reindeers the dealership employs are expensive …


Santa says Hi, And I confirmed it is the regular deicing that keeps the cost high, not the reindeer


So, did a non-leasehackr worthy thing and succumbed to a S60 @.85% all in, tax fees, everything. My local dealers were running out of inscription and I did not want to buy a white car with black interior. Or black/black. Next time I will be open to all color options and hack it hard. This is my first lease and will hopefully live and learn

This is a great forum and I will contribute going forward.

Thanks to @Ursus and @vhooloo and @cheapdad00 and all others that chimed in. Much appreciative your help.


Enjoy your Vovlo. And a photo here:


Assistance. Please provide the MF and RV for:

New 2016 Volvo S60 Inscription PLATINUM FWD

New 2017 Volvo S60 Inscription Platinum FWD
New 2017 Volvo S60 Inscription Platinum AWD

For Northern Virginia, DC area - 22209 zip.

Anyway, I can easily look this up?

Also, what if I lease car in the DC area… but register it in Richmond area… does that effect any of the leasing terms during signing.


Does anyone know if a 2016 New Volvo qualifies for Volvo Lease program?

Thank you!


You can’t lease 2016, I’m sure. Even if you could, it would be much worse than 2017.

You can lease anywhere, it will only affect your VA/Richmond sales tax

Numbers are the same for all locations, incentives may be different:

Incentives (select you model and zip):


Are we required to return leased car to the same dealer? Can I lease in Virginia, return the car to another Volvo dealer in a different state end of lease? if I move during the lease period.



Yes, but you could easily get this answer directly from Volvo trough the “concierge” on their site. Or just by asking your dealer.
BTW: You’ll need to notify Volvo when you move.


Volvo just upped lease cash incentive on the S60. It appears to be $7200 on Inscription, $5750 on Dynamic. So an extra $800 and $850 respectively. Might be time to pull the trigger on a non-platinum model.


Wasn’t it $7,900 on non-platinum Inscription last month? And $6,400 on Dynamic?

$8K on S90 T6 AWD Momentum!


Last month was 7900/6400 (1500 + 6400/4900).
This month is 8700/7250 (1500 + 7200/5750).


Yes, an extra $300 on S90 as well. Lease cash went from 3200 to 3500.


$6,250 on S90 T5
$3K on all 2017 XC90


Any other new incentives? Pull aheads? Also, anyone know the new MF/RV for 36/15k?


Volvo site and Edmunds


Looks like 500 labor day bonus cash just appeared on volvo payment estimator.

Its the jelly of the month club, the gift that keeps on giving…


Do volvos usually have such crap residuals? I’m tempted to pick up a 5 yr old one for a song.