2017 Santa Fe Sport Tech package $286.83 +TAX IE/OC/LA

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.4 Tech Package

MSRP: $35,500
Selling Price: $32,500
Rebates: $ 4750 lease cash
$1500 Flex Certificate (dealer Coupon)

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 12,000

MF: .00012
Residual: $19,880.00

Downpayment: $1499
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $309.06 (7.75%)

Security Deposit Accepted?:

Leasehackr Score:

Looks like a good deal, congrats.

Total 3k down? …

She works at a dealer, looks like it’s available for anyone who wants it.

Got it, thank you much

I think she means $1499 total, but she can clarify that a I suppose.

Yes I work at the dealership. Total down $1499

Hopefully there is still room for an extra 5% off. Hackrs, please pay attention to UBER $1k incentives and $500 Boost up match …


Yes there is Uber and boost as long as they qualify :slight_smile:

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I can only see $4250 lease cash for this model.
Do you have a breakdown on rebates?
What is the dealer coupon? Is it something every dealer has but in limited numbers?

Why don’t people include down payment in their total effective monthly payment?

Getting sick and tired of low monthly payment posts w sizeable down payments

$1499 is a big down payment? Either way there are other options to get more off such as the Uber rebate and the other one that was mentioned. If you got both you could use that and be 0 down at the same payment. She was offering a no hassle deal and the full terms are listed. What more can she do?


last month was $4250 this month is $4750 lease cash
Flex Certs are additional dealer discount. Not every dealer has the Flex Certificates They are limited and are first come first Serve.

Yes. Anything over 83 cent is sizeable.

Not saying this deal is bad. Seems pretty decent compared to other Sante fed posts. Just annoying to click and find down payment requirement.

My Lexus was $50 a month with $10k down…

It is one thing to hide info like a typical dealer ad. In this case it took 1 click to read the info she provided which is all the info necessary to make an educated decision on whether the deal is good or not. It’s a lot easier to click one link and find out all the info then any other method you pursue to lease a vehicle (especially if you are deal hunting). I understand your mindset just keep in mind that she is doing her part in helping this community to go to a great place. It is one thing to have the nice people in here who help everyone out in understanding everything. It is another thing to have dealers in here appeasing to what we want, which is a good deal and not have to deal with any hassle. :raised_hands:t4:


I think the issue is that the term down payment isn’t being used correctly. Down payment should only be used in reference to cap cost reduction (CCR), but it’s often mistakenly used as a reference to drive-off/due at signing payment.

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That is true also. Few things going on here.

Becuase this santa fe has the amount of lease cash it does, the Down Payment we listed is effectively a (CCR) or cap cost reduction. The only time downpayment does not fully go towards cap reduction only is when there isnt enough rebate to cover the initial drive-offs required by the Manufacturer.
I am not opposed at all to change up how you all would like to see these, as we are just trying to post to you our best deals available with what is a low typical out of pocket expense. Appreciate the feedback so far. If you are also looking far other specific models we can list more as well. I just dont want to flood the feed to much!


What’s the requirement(s) to qualify for the Uber driver discount? I’ve heard and read conflicting information so does it vary based on how dealer interprets it?
I’ve heard you must be signed up for a minimum of 6 months with Uber.
I’ve also read where you need to show proof of receiving payment from Uber or showing trips completed

All you need is to show active driver status on the Uber Dashboard of the persons Uber profile. This shows up after having the background check completed and the vehicle inspection completed.