Non profit looking to lease 2 vehicles

I am looking to lease two vehicles for our synagogue, located in Virginia. Our budget is $500 a month and we are tax exempt. We need one three row SUV and one regular car. We are not particular, just need best bank for the buck.

We are willing to pay a small broker fee as well. Possible? Any suggestions?


Rabbi Kranz

Toyota Highlander LE and a Nissan Sentra SV

EDIT: I didn’t realize the '17 highlander got a lot worse. Probably, a CX9 Sport

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how big is your synagogue? I am guessing you’ll be driving a lot of miles… Leasing might not be the best if you are going to be bus-ing people around… perhaps a used car purchase?

How would the tax work with a non-profit. If you need 2 NEW cars, sounds like your place could afford more than $500 a month?

The vehicles are for our staff and clergy, not for busing. The reason we are looking to lease is precisely because the synagogue cannot afford normal car payments. We have been using used and donated cars for years, but the repairs are costing thousands of dollars per vehicle each year and taking a lot of time away from our work.

2017 arcadia might be an option:

small print states:
Low-Mileage Lease for Well-Qualified Buyers $249/month plus tax for 36 months. $0 down plus tax and license fees for current Buick/GMC/Chevrolet lessees $1000 down plus tax and license fees (after all offers) for competitive lessees $2500 down plus tax license fees for all others after all offers. Tax, title license and optional equipment extra. Mileage charge of $0.25 /mile over 30,000 miles.

also maybe the ford flex as shown on LH home page:

The deal expired on Nov 30 but maybe the program stayed or got better in Dec. Worth looking into.

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Why not go for an S90?

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I haven’t actually seen anyone get that deal

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even if it’s $50 more per mo, the flex in the mid $300s would still be a in his price range to allow him to get a sentra as a second car. I agree with you, nobody has posted a final deal on the FLEX but it’s worth exploring.

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Between the Ford Flex, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Nissan Highlander, which is best bang for the dollar on a lease?

Thanks for everybody’s help!

this broker advertised the Santa Fe in your price range back in October. Maybe reach out:

Programs might have changed a little but it’s in your price range.

The highlander is a toyota, not a Nissan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would start with the Hyundai

Yes, of course:) I meant Pathfinder. Thanks!