2017 RAV4 Limited vs. 2016.5 CX-5 Grand Touring (both AWD)

Hi guys,

So I’ve been getting quotes for the 2017 Rav4 Limited and the 2016.5 CX-5 Grand Touring and I’m ready to close soon. I think overall the Rav4 will be the slightly better deal (qualify for loyalty incentives and can put down MSDs) but the difference is no more than $10/mo.

The GT does become more expensive if I choose to add the iActivesense package on the GT to give it equal safety features to the Rav4. However, I did like the feel of the GT better overall and the “little” things seem to take the GT over the edge as far as how I much I like it… for example, I love the fact the middle back seat comes down, which is key when it comes to ski and camping trips (I live in CO so I do that a lot).

I wanted to get your thoughts - should I just straight up go for the better deal and forget about the “little” things? I’ll still be happy but love it a little bit less. Am I missing or overlooking something


Sounds like you’d be much happier in the CX5 over the next 3 years…at the cost of a few cups of coffee per month

I’d be interested to hear what kinds of offers you got on these. I’m looking for these packages though don’t need awd. Thanks!

Have you thought about the RAV4 Hybrid? Its a small price walk up from the equivalent gas and is a much better powertrain. Much higher MPG (not that important these days) but the hp and torque numbers are also a bit higher. It drives like a much quicker/lighter vehicle. I have no idea about the lease deals on it but I’d expect something similar in terms of % discount. The RV on the hybrid is higher but the MF is also a little higher so the deal might not be as sweet but the vehicle is much better (IMO).

Don’t skimp on the I-Activesense Package. I have a CX-9 and I love the tech.

Thanks all, all good things to keep in mind! I’m getting some final quotes through the weekend then gonna go with what my gut tells me early next week. I’ll be sure to update.

Edit: Here’s my post on the deal I signed with.

@ng0 they’ve mostly been hovering around the 29-30k range, so I’m sure it’ll be a bit cheaper with FWD. That puts most around a 8-10% MSRP discount which is the absolute most “expensive” I wanted to go with, so not super great but a decent price. Hoping with one last round of bid comparisons I can get that to 10-12% which would mean I’m leasing a nice SUV at around $250/mo which I would be very happy with.

Everything else is pretty even. Mazda is offering a low MF of .0001 and Toyotas is a bit higher but they accept MSDs so can get that even if I really wanted to. Then rebates are $1k for both. So it really will come down to which options/features are most important to me.