2016.5 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring fully loaded $238/mo


Just got home with my new ride, I’m incredibly happy. See below:

2016.5 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring with I-Activesense and Tech Packages
39 Month / 10K Miles
MSRP: $33,425
Sales Price: $30,087 (10% off MSRP)
(originally was 30682 but finance forgot to add back the acquisition fee to the total cost of the car in the paperwork after they had already presented monthly payment breakdown, so they just ate it. Still would have been a great deal regardless but I had to self five, gonna chalk it up to walking in 30 mins before they closed, I’m sure everyone was just ready to go home)

Rebate: $1,115
Residual: 59%
MF: 0.00001
D&H: $599
Registration: $12
Acq. Fee: $595
Tax: 7.65%
Drive Off = $1,553

Monthly Payment: $238 (before tax, am in Colorado so total is $256)

I want to thank everyone here for their input, stories, and overall general knowledge. Knowing exactly what to expect when it came to the numbers made ALL the difference. Every dealership finance dept I worked with originally sent me wrong leasing numbers when I finally agreed on a sales price (some straight up just used MSRP price, others jacked up the MF, others used the agreed upon sales price but then maneuvered numbers around, basically saw every trick in the book). Each time I politely replied that the numbers looked wrong and very clearly broke down what I was expecting, and asked them to please show me where I was off. Most came back with crazy excuses, the one I finally went with admitted they used the wrong sale price then immediately fixed it, no funny business from then on.

I thought I knew what I was doing when I leased my Corolla a few years back but this website and the community have taken it to the next level. For only $50 more per month I’m getting a significant vehicle upgrade and it’s all thanks to the knowledge I’ve found here. So again, very grateful for this forum!

2017 RAV4 Limited vs. 2016.5 CX-5 Grand Touring (both AWD)

Sounds pretty good to me - what is the rebate that you qualified for? Thanks.


That’s pretty good for a Mazda, congrats!!


@markk I believe it was just a Cash Bonus, every local dealership I contacted offered the same so might be local? I didn’t see any I qualified for on the Mazda website so wasn’t expecting it.


@ng0 have you seen this?


How much negotiating did you need to do to get down to that sale price of $30,087 before rebates?

That is considerably below invoice and I’m wondering if it is something regional.


@max_g thanks for the heads up! I did see it and was really considering it but once my wife got bmw in her head that was a done deal. Thanks so much for the help!


@28firefighter not too much honestly, just a lot of upfront research and a looot of time tracking down all the info I needed to make fair comparisons, since I was stuck between a Rav4 Limited and CX5 GT. I only did two “rounds” of offers via email (initial then secondary can you beat my best offer?). What really helped with the dealer I ultimately went with was that after the rounds, I called them up and was very straight with them. I was heavily leaning toward the Rav4 and said I was going to need an offer that was at least comparable to my best Rav offer, then gave them a number that would have me walking in to chat next day. I’d already shown my knowledge (like I mentioned, I did have to correct their math originally) so I’m sure they knew they were going to have to truly give a great deal with no funny business, which they did. Their numbers were actually better than expected when I got there… like I mentioned, we all later noticed I did get an extra $500 off basically due to a finance mistake lol.

All in all, I will not take much credit and say the biggest factor was timing and location (end of year sale incentives, I got the feeling Mazda dealers didn’t really care about making profit so much as getting the sale…waay more so than the Toyota dealers, so maybe Mazda had a bit of a rough year in CO?) combined with the fact that I was very much on the fence about which car to go with, was very straight with them about the “hard” numbers they’d have to meet in order for me to switch brands, and that I showed my knowledge about leasing calculations and pricing breakdown so as to leave no room for any clever maneuvering.


I’m in Denver. Can you let me know dealer and salesman?


I’m also in Denver? Could you PM me the dealer and sales person?

2016.5 CX5 Mazda Grand Touring Base w/ roof racks

2016.5, Mazda, CX5, Grand Touring:

I was talking to a sales rep and gave me this price for a mazda cx5 2016.5 GT ?? Good deal or bad ??

MSRP: [30830]
Mazda Rebate Cash $1750
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

MF: 0.00001
Residual: 58%

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: 595 Acq fee + Tax + Doc Fee [75] +IDK Fee [20]
Monthly Payment (excl. tax): [$279]

Zip Code: [11710] New York
Sales Tax Rate: [8.625%]


What’s the selling price? If it’s just MSRP less the Mazda factory rebate, then the dealer isn’t giving you any discount at all.


You’re paying $40 more a month for $3,000 Less Car how do you think the math on that works?


You have to check the MF and RV to make sure the difference is in the sale price (+ doc fee), and not in the change in the monthly leasing programs.

In this case, it is the former. The deal should actually be slightly better this month as the RV for 36/12 is 1% ($330) inferior to the OP’s 39/10 RV but but the rebate went up by more than that, so it’s a net positive for the consumer.

@pbalmer needs to negotiate a bigger discount before factory rebates. OP had worked out a deal of $2700+ off MSRP before rebates.


im a newbie and not really good at negotiating but im trying to get there. So after visiting 6 dealerships and getting flooded with phone calls (because i put my info on truecar and edmund) The all want you to come in and they say the true car price is the most they can discount blah blah blah so i went to check a couple of dealers they show the exact color i wanted MSRP is 30970 selling price is 29798 so i grab all the info. asked what was the residual 58% and money factor in which he said “quadruple zero one” which i think he means .00001 (correct me if im wrong)
He said he can offer me a mazda cash back rebate. IDK if it applies or not but he put there $1750
over all he said you will pay 279 36month 12k now the other dealers in the area i contacted they don’t go any lower than that 29798 except for one in NJ ($ 28597 but monthly is about $ 330 which doesn’t make sense when i plug the numbers on the lease calculator ) 2 1/2 hours from where i live. Sooooo if i continue insisting to a price $ 28597
Any tips or recommendations to specific dealership ?


Visit dealer websites and look at their inventory. They sometimes have specials with a pretty large discount. Got to read al the fine print as some need to add back destination and purchase only incentives.


I am entering the numbers on the Calc and am not getting close to those numbers?

The dealer is coming up with 380 as well


Sounds like a deal, the 2017’s are around the corner and damn do they look nice, but they won’t be cheap. I have a CX-9 and l’l’l’luv the driving dynamics, safety systems and heads up display


what dealership is that I went to Wantagh Mazda yesterday ?


Sounds like you are in a neighboring state…PA? NY?