2017 Nissan Rouge SV AWD

Hi All:
Is that a good deal?

$658 down and $262/month
*TAX included.

2017 Nissan Rouge SV AWD
12k / year
36 months
MSRP: $28,070


Hi Kris,

It looks like it might be a good deal. Could you provide us with the Sale Price, MF, Residual, and which state you are in and the taxes. That way we can give you a proper view on it.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your feedback.

Residual is 59%
MF is .00003
Price is Lease $24271
Zip Code: 08859 ( NJ)
TAX: 7%

let me know what you think?


I would say the basic numbers look ok. HOWEVER if you go on Truecar, for NJ, I am seeing discounts of over $6k for this car so might be worth trying to contact a dealer through Truecar.

Just to correct myself and not edit the post above, that discount seems to be for the FWD version and not the AWD, I don’t know how important AWD is for you. Still probably worth a call to the dealer who is giving over $6k off the FWD.

Not sure about the Rogue SV and what it comes standard with, but people have reported similar payments for the RAV4 XLE and CX5 Grand Touring which come pretty well equipped.

The Rogue has a little niche in that it offers 7 seats in a car that size, it is what drives a lot of people towards it.

That’s exactly what brought us toward Rouge. More leg space in a second row and large trunk space.
Great solutions for small families dealing with car seats and strollers.

The only question is money… if the deal is fair or there is some room for negotiation.

Well do you need AWD? All the numbers seem fine but there might be room to reduce the sale price even further should you decide to go for FWD car instead.

My wife is pushing for AWD for a safety reason. And since that car is for her and baby so I have no choice but accept it.

That is totally understandable and as good as any reason to get 4WD.

If I were you I would use Truecar to connect to the dealer offering in excess of $6k on the FWD and see what they can do for you on a 4WD. Can’t hurt.

Thank you. I just sent few emails so we will see.

The last question. Is it worth it to go with 2016 model instead of 2017 ? Are they huge upgrades within that one year?

There were quite a few changes from 16-17. You would have to see if they made any difference to you. The 17 looks nicer for starters.

FYI, I have always been an advocate of getting on the phone and getting a straight answer. Never had much luck with just email. (Probably because I am impatient as well)

OP, I assume you have test-driven the Rogue? In which case you can disregard the following

I’ve driven a regular Rogue SV (5-seater) multiple times and …

(A) I really don’t like Nissan’s CVT; they might have been a pioneer but now others do it better.
(B) Based on the space behind the second row, the idea of a third row is a joke. It might sound good on paper but when everyone sees it, they realize how useless it is.

I can’t remember exactly but IIRC a very small % of Rogues were sold with the third row option. The Rogue sells well regardless of that theoretical option.

Same way RAV4 sells well despite dropping its optional third row, which didn’t sell well either. Same way Mitsubishi Outlander and Dodge Journey were sales failures despite being two of the few to offer a third row in the segment. Third row is irrelevant to the vast majority of buyers in this segment. If they really need one, they upgrade to the Pilot or Odyssey segment.

Heck even the super plasticky previous generation Rogue (no 7 seat option) always sold well (always top 5 in a competitive, crowded field).

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So finally got my deal.

2017 Rogue SV
MSRP: $28,650
$658 due at sign ( registration & docs)
36 months
15k / year


Hi Kris. Your deal looks good. What is the discount that you are getting off of sticker. Does the $262 per month include your taxes?

I helped my dad purchase a rogue at beginning of this month 2016 Rogue SV AWD in Upstate NY. There is not too much difference between the 16 and 17, expect for aesthetic items such as upgraded steering wheel and updated front grill. With the SV you get a lot of safety features and auto climate control, make sure that you get the premium package which includes the nav system, which is quite good in my opinion for the price range of the SUV.

which dealership is this Kris?

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That was at Sansone Nissan in Avenel, NJ
Mr. Washington was my sales guy.

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Bumping this thread, have the following deal from a NoCal dealer, let me know your views -

Nissan Rouge SV with Premium and Family Package
MSRP - 28915
Sale Price - 24749
RV - 58%
MF - .0003
12kmiles per year

Total drive offs w 1st month payment - 650

Monthly payment 222