2017 Mercedes GLE 350 Awd

Just got back from the Mercedes dealer in NJ. I was pleasantly surprised with their first offer- no negotiation and they let me walk away with a printout without hounding me. Let me know how you think I should proceed. Here are the figures:

MSRP 63,815
Selling price 59,347 (7% discount)
Payment $693.66
Residual 35,866
Drive-off excluding MSD: 2,320 (1st mo pmt, 795 acquisition, 588 registration and doc fee, 243 upfront tax)

36 months/10k miles per year (plenty). MF was .00001 with 10 MSD (7k total). No other cash out of pocket. This is for a 2017 GLE350 4matic that will be built to spec; not an in-stock deal.

Is 7% a fair discount from MSRP? Are any of the other items negotiable? My wife and I are still on the fence between a new GLE and a preowned GL, but if we go the new GLE route this seems like a good start.

That exact car in December I as getting 13% off and a payment of about $592 Inc 9% tax. I did not think they had raised the mf in January. When I was doing it you could only do auto pay and about 6 MSDs before it got to 0.0002. at which point you could go no further. Find out the MF they are staying with, sound like they have marked it up, also not enough of a discount. What are the current rebates?

Wow, really? That’s a much better deal. I’m confused by the MF- he was showing me his screen when he did it and after 10 MSD it came to .0001 (did I perhaps miss a zero?). Unfortunately the printout he gave me didn’t have the finer details, but going from memory of the screen the residual was 54%. The payment went from 750 to 693 when he applied the MSDs.

I’m not sure what the incentives are; the MB website shows a $579/mo lease with $5,300 at signing for a base model (55k MSRP vs the 63k I was quoted).

This is really helpful though, I’ll keep working on it. I just want a base model + premium 3; no other options. It’s hard to find with no other options than this package so that’s why they were going to build one.

Have a look on the Edmund’s discussion forums able GLEs, it will Shay the residual and base MF. Post it here and then we can help

Thanks again. According to the Edmunds forum, the MF on the GLE 350 AWD on a 10k/36mo lease is .00047 for the month of January and the residual is 56%.

Thanks for pointing out that forum too- just noticed someone else snagged a GLE with a 63k MSRP that paid $52600 with payments of 622 and 1k drive off.

Guess it won’t be a simple negotiation after all.

Well given that each msd takes off 0.00007 and auto pay takes off 0.0001.
0.00047 - 0.0001 = 0.00037

0.00007 * 5 = 0.00035

0.00037 - 0.00035 = 0.00002
This should be your real MF with only 5 security deposits.

They are ripping you off and marking up the MF quite a bit. You can’t even put 10 MSDs down!

Also, it should not be a negotiation. Go in knowing the numbers. Tell them what it will take to do the deal and see if they say yes. If not walk away. That is not a negotiation :slight_smile:

Show them all the numbers and the math behind them all.

a dealer I was working with offered a 2016 loaner GLE with 2k miles for $499

but money factor is high .0025

A lot of dealerships are less willing to deal with someone who knows the numbers and can catch what they are doing. At our office we love when someone comes in and already has a quote. We usually find a way to beat it.

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Most of our customers are getting the higher end stuff anyway, and we’re happy to deliver a car anywhere in the US.

I have actually found exactly the opposite @Gianni. They show me a level of respect they don’t show others and never try and pull the wool over my eyes. It sets the playing field and also bypasses the stupid salesman as they don’t understand any of the numbers and gets you straight to the person who does.

Also I spoke to your excellent company when I was looking and I always had a better deal than any of the the brokers I spoke to. Two even offered me a job :wink:

Thank goodness for Leasehackr! Thanks all.

Strange how his system was allowing 10 MSDs, or perhaps it just wasn’t making a difference after 5 but it allowed 10 anyway. He put 10 in the dropdown menu without trying others first.

I would love to just get the best deal and get the car delivered- I hate the dealership experience. I just want a base 2017 GLE350 AWD with the premium 3 package and nothing else. White exterior, beige interior. Is that something that can be delivered without having to step into a dealership?

It allowed 10 because he was not giving you the base MF. He had marked it up.

Try searching the dealers on the MB website. Find one with the car and then contact them telling them the numbers you want (based on real numbers, not pie in the sky). See what they say

Ah good point- that certainly explains the extra MSDs.

So to make sure I’m understanding this correctly, I should be at .00002 MF with a 56% residual using 5 MSDs. The selling price is I suppose the one place I’m not positive on- you mention that you received 13% off in December, is that still a fair expectation or will it be something less due to a lack of year-end incentives?

By my math using the edmunds lease calculator, I should ask for the following:

MSRP 63,815
Discount of 13% (-8,295), bringing selling price to 55,520
Residual should be 56% of MSRP, or 35,736

Seems to be coming out to around $583 per month on the Edmunds calculator without tax/acquisition fee/registration fees. Pretty far off what I was offered!

Why don’t you try the calculator on this website. It is much better and will work out your MF after the MSDs etc.

As per my calculations in the post above, it is 0.00002, not 0.00001 you will end up at.

I don’t know the current incentives from MB so you will have to do a bit of research.

Any info on that gle or dealer you can share? I’m looking at a 2016 loaner now

This was MB of Princeton. This was for a special order, not an in-stock vehicle. I see that this dealer did have a few loaners for sale too.

You can also look at in-stock vehicles with more options (obv higher MSRP) and see if the net cost (after a bigger discount than you’re getting via ordering) can be less.

What’s in P3 btw? Last gen ML’s P3 was actually quite undesirable due to troublesome airmatic system, IIRC.

That’s a fair point- maybe they’ll move more on something with P3 and a couple other small options than they will on a special order. Good point on the air suspension too, though I don’t seem to see that in the options listed- I think they moved that into a separate package this model year called active curve assist.

The few things I really want in P3 are active cross traffic braking (helps protect from sideswipes), distronic with active steering (radar cruise), active lane keep, braking for pedestrians (we drive in NYC a lot and those jaywalkers come out of nowhere) and parking assist with 360 camera. My understanding is that only the parking is offered separately and the I have to with P3 to get all the other driving features. If I could do P1+ all driver assistance I would, but they don’t seem to offer it that way.

Gotcha…btw if you’re anywhere near Princeton, check out MB of Cherry Hill

I thought all those things were on p2, maybe I’m wrong.