2017 Maserati Ghibli $488 mo. 0 down 10,000mi


Yup 30k will go through at least 1 set of brake in the front- the car has 4 piston brakes. And the tires are staggered so no tire rotation. The best a set of sport tire goes though without rotation is 25k miles. Be awear to pay excessive wear at the end if you dont think what I said is true. The car is not for everyone. Just saying.


Unless you want the name, the car isnt worth it if thats how much maintenance is. The engine and exhaust note are great though.


I called this dealer as well. Was told there’s no down payment, which matches their ad from their website, but there is drive off fees for tax on the first payment, title and license. When I asked for specifics, the salesman said he didn’t have the time as they are very busy and that everyone is calling, blah, blah, blah. Sounds a little bait and switchy to me, but perhaps it’s just my inherent mistrust of smarmy car dealers. This could be a great deal. If anyone treks down to this dealer, please let us know how it goes.


Ha! The second you open and close the door of Ghibli you already realize how cheap the car is.


And the second you are due for an oil change, you realize how expensive it is lol :slight_smile:


To many Chrysler bits inside.


Just reporting back on the lease I got yesterday:

2017 Maserati Ghibli RWD
Color: White ext./Black int.
MSRP: $72,850
Term: 36 months, 12k miles
$542/month with 7.5% taxes
Drive Offs: ~$1500 (rounded up)

Shout-out to the GM there Kevin Kress. Extremely up-standing guy and there’s no games to play. If you go in say Sharif sent you :slight_smile:

I will warn though that the finance company that Maserati uses for these leases is extraordinarily strict. Anything less than a TransUnion 730 credit score is automatically Tier 2 credit which doesn’t qualify you at the $488 before taxes price. The MF goes up to .00115 from the Tier 1 MF of .00065.

If anyone has any questions shoot them at me - I spent like 6 hours across 2 days at the dealer to get this deal.


Great deal!

730 minimum credit score doesn’t seem all that strict compared to other finance companies though. Only looking at one credit agency is odd I guess.


Thanks for the post, that’s a great lease!

What was the selling price? Did they require you to buy their oil change packages?


$51,1XX selling price. No requirement on the packages, but 24 months is $995 for the maintenance package and covers the entire 36 months of lease effectively. You don’t need to do the service in the 3rd year before turn-in.



The cheapo bits come from Chrysler by way of Fiat, the parent company of both brands


Haters always gonna hate…


Anyway you can share the lease paperwork? I’m from NorCal and I’m going to try to see if dealers here can match it.


Apparently the trick is to pull into the Maserati dealership in a Ferrari and that shows to them that you’re serious :slight_smile:


The trick is not to pull up in a Ferrari and instead in your BMW :wink:


Touche :slight_smile:
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lol sadly nobody seems to care when i pull up in my Bmw at dealerships.


Aren’t they are usually under the same roof (where I live - they are)? Then Phantomcypher could be a repeat customer and should’ve gotten his Maserati for $250/mo and what he paid is criminal.


Some people in this forum (or the other Maserati one) are saying the Ghibli is a mere blinged up Chrysler 300c [which I have not verified personally]. It that’s the case, then a misdemeanor could be in the works at 488.


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