2017 Lexus RX 350 F Sport

Hey, New here been researching everything any advice or information on figures would be greatly appreciated. Would prefer not to go to the dealership stupid. MF and residuals?

Where are you in the US

I’m in Pa, A friend of mine
Leased a new car with the help of people here.
Thanks in advance. I got a price to lease a Jeep Grand Cherokee limited $517.00 pretty loaded nothing down 58% residual MF 00006 that seemed good. .?

Seems pretty high to me honestly>… We would need more numbers obviously tho… MSRP, sales price, etc…

OMG! I just got a number of 682.13 before my 9% monthly tax. I don’t know how this is possible when I posted for MF / residuals and Michael said 64% and .00120 :open_mouth: sell price 57,120… msrp 59,369

Looks about right with those numbers. They aren’t giving you very much off the MSRP. It’s going to be about $33 less per month for each $1000 off MSRP.

Oh wait… that was $2000 down they wanted too! With tax that payment is like 744!

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You need to negotiable a better sales price. Also putting the max MSDs possible will help significantly.

I’m still in shock! Lol
I really want to be at around $600

That car in December was $480 a month with just drive offs.

Missing homeland? :wink:

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you should see me type email addresses with " on the US keyboards!

Ha! Still in shock… is this a un reasonable request very low sixes??
I called a broker too. Idk maybe I’m dreaming for something out of my price range.

Why would you be in shock? Salespeople are not in the business to please customers, they are in the business to make as much money as possible. If a customer is uninformed, salespeople will take advantage of them. It is the customer’s duty to do their research and negotiate a price that is acceptable to both parties.


You’re right! I’m looking at the email and don’t see anything about price after discounts just the sell price of 57,122The discounts are listed ,but no revised price after. Total cap reduction is listed as 717.66!!! Shouldn’t that be more when he wrote it up as $2000 down as if I would give him that,and a $500.00 rebate

We need to see the whole spreadsheet to give you more advise. The dealer might mean $2000 drive off, so the remaining $13xx that isn’t being used as cap reduction might be covering other fees like acq/DMV/taxes/etc.

I understand. The sheet doesn’t say anything no MF Or Residual.
Sell price $57,122
After market financed $701.00… this is a wheel protection they try to sell
Customer cash $2000
Rebate $500
Total cash and rebates$ 2,500
Advanced payments $744.60
Upfront charges $1,0374.74
Total cap reduction $717.66
Due on delivery$ 2000

I’m not a leases expert,but I’m trusting people here are.

Looks terrible. My recommendation is to find a dealer that will offer a better sales price (shoot for 10-11% off MSRP), do not buy any protection plans and to apply max MSDs instead of any down payment/cap reduction.

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They always try to include that $2000 down …saying most people put around $2000 down.I am no where near as experienced as you guys ,but I know that’s BS.
Thank you.

Good advice from @Jon. The best payment comes from:

Lowest selling price +
Buyrate MF(Tier 1) with