2017 Lexus NX AWD w/ Premium package

I can’t help but to feel ripped off. What should I do?

2017 Lexus NX AWD w/ Premium package
MSRP: 44368
Adjusted Price: 39218 including incentives
Trade in: 5000
Monthly Payments: 357 sign and drive
Money factor: .00065
Residual: 57%

They said MSDs wouldn’t do anything since the MF is already low.

You need a better sales price. There is currently $2k in lease cash, so They are currently only giving you 7% off MSRP.

They marked up the MF and lied to you about MSDs.
Are they giving you a $5k check for your trade in or applying it towards your deal? Make sure you do the former.

Thanks, Jon. They said my trade is applied towards the deal which makes me question this rate even more. I’ll try to ask for at least 10% off MSRP, though not sure what else I can do at this point to get the monthly payments lower. Would a breakdown of the monthly payment help prove that he’s marking up the MF?

You should ask them to show you the MF & RV they’re using for the deal, that would be the quickest way to see what they’re doing. Seeing the $5K is rolled into the price is not a great sign.

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Take trade-in out of the deal and tell them to cut you a check. But get the good deal first.

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MF should be .00055, so not sure what more you need for proof.

Would you mind explaining why it should be .00055? I’m new to all of this. And my boyfriend is useless.

That’s the buyrate set by LFS. Anything above buyrate is marked up for extra profit.

Where are you located? People on here can possibly help you find a known good dealer or a broker to hire.

Thanks again Jon. I live just right outside Philly.

Contact @nyclife or @Benedetto. Maybe they can help you.

Thanks again.

The information I got here will be really useful moving forward.

Doesnt sound good at all. Got one with a msrp of $44900 in August for $390 36/7.5 with just first month due from a NJ dealer. Did have loyalty & PGA($2k)and $1800 lease cash incentive. Your $5k ($139/mo x 36) trade in is making your payment around $495 and it should be around $380-400… Follow what URSUS said and tell them to keep the same price but give you a $5k check.

Also if you could wait 2 weeks for December to Remember sales will come out and it’ll be easier to get a better deal.:ok_hand:

Thanks for the info and headsup on the next deal!

Went to Lexus today to see what they can do for a leftover 2017 NX 200t F-Sport and non-f-sport. They were showing me an ad for $299 p/m with $3999 initial payment. I wanted sign and drive for $350-$400 p/m 36/12k, but we didn’t even get to that point of discussion. What numbers can I show them to make that deal possible? As in RV, MF, cash back, incentives, etc. for the month of October? MSRP is $44,073.

Dealer also told me MSD’s are no longer available.

which state?

NY does not allow msd

Located in NY. Thanks for confirming. All they would offer was the $1800 lease cash. I’m seeing several other incentives, though.

I think 1800 lease cash is pretty much standard that can be applied to all

there are college grad and military incentives which doesn’t apply to all and PGA days are gone

for 44k with 10~11% discount before lease cash, for 10k/36 you are looking at $420ish with everything rolled into monthly

I believe they told me the MF was .0003 and RV was at 56% for 36/12k.

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