2017 Jeep wrangler sport unlimited numbers please?

I am in need of the 24/36 month numbers and MF for a 2017 wrangler sport unlimited. I am looking to complete my purchase tomorrow and need the best possible shot at a deal so thanks! Oh also I know Chrysler Capital is the most used but if you can please also provide the numbers for US Bank and Ally thanks.

@michael please I really need it.

Try edmunds. But just so you know most likely you will not get much discount on the sales price on the car.

I know, and I’ve searched edmunds but there’s only Chrysler Capital info… nothing on Ally or Us Bank. Btw I’ve been seeing dealers advertise 11% off MSRP…

Yes, that price might be purchase. They will change that once you talk lease. Best way to find third party banks is to go and try to negotiate a deal and see if they reveal it to you. Sometimes asking nicely works. In the end they will use whatever bank has highest residual/lower mf and try to talk monthly payments with you so they do not discount it much. Based on past experiences it is very tough getting numbers from third party banks on the web.

I am getting $379/mo on a $39195 model here from a local dealer, and they won’t show me any of the specifics until they run my credit, I’m shooting blanks until I have some ammo…

2017 Wrangler Sport (two-door), US Bank:

39/10K: 57% RV, .00139 MF

Don’t have the 24- or 36-month numbers through US Bank. FCA lease programs are the most opaque.

Whoops, I need it for the unlimited model @michael

2017 Wrangler Sport Unlimited, US Bank:

24/10K: 76% RV, .00139 MF
36/10K: 72% RV, .00139 MF
39/10K: 71% RV, .00139 MF

Numbers on the Unlimited are much better.

Thanks! Any chance you have the Chrysler Capital and/or Ally?

And what’s the acquisition fee for US Bank? And are these numbers valid through 1/3?

US Bank acquisition fee is $695. Those numbers were valid through 12/31/16; I don’t have the January numbers yet, but I’d imagine they’ll stay the same.

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What are the numbers for 24 months 36 months and 39 months for a Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon?

@willwar14, If you provide me your city and state I might be able to find a lease deal on this specific Wrangler model that beats US Bank and Ally. I work with lenders in specific markets and we are almost always highly competitive with those guys on Wrangler.

Southern California.

I don’t have anything in California currently. In a few months I will but you will already be in a Wrangler by then.

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How about in New York ?

This is the area that works for me: NY, PA, FL, OH, MI, IN, MA, CO

I’m following this thread. I’m looking to get 75th anniversary unlimited. I live in NJ (07418), looking for numbers for 36m 12-15k lease.

Any way I can search for RV n MF myself? How do you get your hands on that info? Thanks all!

2017 Wrangler Unlimited 75th Anniversary (US Bank)

36/12K: 63% RV, .00144 MF

Deduct 2% from RV for 15K mi/year.