2017 Jaguar FTYPE Base

MSRP: $63,695
Sales Price: $54,662.80
39 Months; 10KMiles
67% Residual
MF: 0.00149 (Marked up from Buy rate but heavy discount on car)
Cap Reduction: $1,845
Monthly Payment: $439.73

I’ve excluded taxes and fees since those vary state by state. How does this deal look?

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That’s the base coupe. So absolutely 0 equipment.not even nav. I would say if you can get them to drop the CAp reduction, it’s a good deal.

The base Coupe seems pretty well loaded. It does have Nav.

Ok, then it is a good deal

Just for reference:

Key Features:

Jaguar Performance Braking System with Silver calipers
Sports suspension
18" Vela alloy wheels
Sport-style seats with Leather and Suedecloth facings
3-spoke leather steering wheel
Intelligent Stop/Start
Light Hex Aluminum console fnisher
Meridian™ Surround Sound System (770W)
SiriusXM® Satellite Radio & HD Radio™
Jaguar InControl Apps™, InControl Remote™ and InControl Protect™

The PREMIUM looks like it adds:
Key Features in addition to F-TYPE BASE:

Jaguar Smart Key System™ with Keyless Entry and Keyless Start
Adaptive Front Lighting with Cornering Lamps
Intelligent High Beam
Sport-style 14-way seats, power adjustable, driver and passenger
3-position seat, door mirror and steering column memory

This is a good deal. Residuals look good, 10k miles, passes 1% rule. Go for it. Jaguars are really hard to get the “fantastic” deal- so this is pretty much as close as it gets.

Looking to replicate this deal is SoCal – @atomhawk are you located somewhere in CA?

I am in the Bay Area so yep in CA. Tax rate here is 9.5% so the total came out to be $3,000 Drive Off and $481.50/mo including tax.

There aren’t many Base Coupes in the Bay Area (I got this one which was the only one at this dealer). I did call around SoCal and the most aggressive offers came from Rusnak Pasadena and Hornburg LA. Both still have lots of cars and were in the $450 - $500 before tax range (with $3,000 DO). You might be able to push them lower to the deal I got; I didn’t try much harder since the one I found was local and a good deal ( or so I thought ).

Hope this helps!

Thanks, will take it from here!

On the East Cost:

Just as a note: if you’re looking at 2016 models… I’ve heard that the banks are giving dealers a $10k incentive on each car to move them. Don’t know how the residuals/MFs look on it though. May not lease great.

I didn’t even look at the convertibles because I didn’t want one ( even though I’m in CA, crazy huh!?)

Are you saying that the residual on 2017 F-Type is 67% but not sure on the 2016’s?

Thinking of adding a jag to the maserati collection?

2017 Base Coupe for 10k is 69% & 67% for 36mo and 39mo respectively.

I don’t know what the numbers are for 2016 MY though I would be surprised if they were just as high.

I also do not know the numbers for convertible.

And that was Nov. do not know for dec.

Need a 3rd car if the 2 Mazers are in the shop :slight_smile:

Actually, I have a 3rd brother so he wants a new car now too …

Thanks - Base Coupe is what we are going for. There is some sort of “Premium” too (I do not know these cars, this is for my brother) but I think that makes the MSRP go from $63k to $69k. Plus he is leaving for NY in 2 weeks so I don’t know if we can get this done … might have to be a 2017 thing

Base vs. Premium is just bells and whistles.

Same performance specs between the two. The premium includes the panoramic window, keyless entry, and full power seats/memory while the base only has 6 way power seats and keyless start (you have to take the key out of your pocket to unlock the car). The other difference is that the premium car can have packages (like blind spot monitor etc) while the base can only have heated seats/steering wheel as an option. Base is also more limited in color selections.

Summary: Premium is more “luxury” items with more available options but the same car. I would see if the base fits your brother’s needs in terms of “stuff”. By the way, premium residuals drop like a rock. In Nov, that 69% residual was 61% on the premium.

Are you taking applications for brothers???

Please send me an application too.