2017 Infiniti Q50 Sport - Need some help analyzing this deal

Hi guys - Can I get some feedback on the this deal?

Residual seems rather low right? And it looks like they’re adding $500 towards cap cost on top of the sales price, I’m going to ask why they did that.

2017 Q50 Sport - 39 mo, 12k miles/year

$48,485 - MSRP

$41,780.00 - Sale Price
$42,302.56 - Cap Cost
$24,727 - Residual @ 12,000 miles per year ( 51% ? too low?)
$1,250 - Initial Payment (Down Payment)
$452.66 - Base Monthly Payment (excluding tax)
0.00003 - Money Factor
$80.00 - Dealer Fees (Documentation Fee)
$35.08 - Monthly Tax (based on 7.75% sales tax)
$487.74 - Total Payment (including tax)

Get a VPP code and present it to them, it should get you another 1-2k off. Which will make your should make your payment closer to $400. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people get even bigger discounts, not sure if that’s completely over with but it’s worth researching what models and what not were severely discounted.

Edit: personally I would tell them you can afford not a penny over $400 a month, then if they agree to it or come close then present them the VPP code effectively making a great lease IMO.

Where can I get a VPP code? Can you get a VPP code if you’ve never owned an Infiniti before?


Can someone confirm the RV/MF for Q50 in Jan?

Got this deal done. Ended up 22% OFF MSRP

$399 /mo including 7.75% tax. Only 1st months due at signing.

Added tire+dent protection for extra $50/mo.

Holy moly. You expect to incur >$1,800 of tire and dent damage in 3 years??

This deal I got for a family member, not me.

This car has run flat tires.
I remember each one cost $500 to replace when I got a nail in one - I’ve had bmw replace all 4 due to nails in a 3 yr period.

It was $1,000 for tire warranty. Do you think that’s a bad deal?

The other $1000 is for dent protection. There will be 3 kids in this car and I thought it maybe better to have that coverage vs having to possibly pay for more damage at the end.

Personally, I never get dent protection but I do get tire+wheel warranty

Have you tried your luck at a casino?

More importantly - have you tried not driving where there are so many nails lol ?

Funny you say that … I spend more time in the casino than anyone on this forum lol

You know, now that you mention it, I will start doing all future driving where there are no hidden nails , thank you

Funny that I got a screw right in the middle of rain groove yesterday, after driving about 300 yards away from my house :imp: