Steps to generate nissan/infiniti VPP claim certificate online

Thanks to this forum that I learned many new thing on leasing. In my negotiation process I learned how to get a VPP certificate generated online and I wish to share this with the fraternity.

How to generate VPP claim certificate online
This is applicable for someone who is eligible if his/her employer is participating in Nissan / infiniti VPP program

  1. Check for your employer code here –
    For example Infosys has a code VPP008251
  2. Go to
  3. Enter name, and company code
  4. Select the company name which is displayed
  5. Mention if the car is for you or your spouse hit continue
  6. Enter the car model that you are interested in and select dealer near your zip code and click search vehicles
  7. Select the VIN you are interested in and provide your information
  8. Print your claim certificate and take it to the dealer

Question, say you decide not to get The vehicle you select, do you have to redo the whole process?

Yes you will have to redo it for the VIN that you will be buying


Thanks for this…

With that said, is there any direct proof that a VPP discount is a real discount?

My gut tells me it could be an affinity marketing scam that gets us to think we are getting a better price.

One way to tell is to negotiate the best price, then followup with a VPP claim certificate and see how much lower the price goes…

Has anyone tried this?

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I had VPP as well. I signed up for RX50 recently and negotiated sale price first and then presented VPP(dealer was not too happy) and they took an additional $1500 off the sale price. I have signed VPP documents which said the dealer getting back $1500 from Infiniti for VPP.

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I don’t work for any employer who qualifies for a VPP but I got the code from my Infiniti loyalty manager as my current lease on an infiniti was coming to an end.

I shopped for almost 45 days starting mid November till end of december and never gave my VPP code to any dealer till the end. I always negotiated the price as if I don’t have any VPP code knowing I would present it in the end and get another $1250 off which was what my code was worth as mentioned by the loyalty manager.

I was clearly told by loyalty team that this code can be applied to any new infiniti car over and above my negotiated price and that the dealer will be compensated for it from Infiniti. The only issue is that if you give the code to dealer and he applies it for a certain VIN before finalizing the deal than you have to either purchase that vehicle or walk away from the deal rendering your VPP code useless so the code needs to be shared judiciously with the dealer only after the complete deal is finalized.



Awesome. Thanks for this clarification.

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I only have the business affiliate version. It says nothing about direct 1-2k off it just says i can get some pre negotiated price?

Anyone have experience with the VPP “D” class? I think that is what it is called.

Thank you! I didn’t even know my company was on here. This makes leasing an Infiniti next round even more intriguing.

All the steps mentioned above apply to business affiliate program as well…
You can select the exact VIN from available stock and get the dollar amount for your discount.

Is it clear how much is the vpp discount per vehicle? For example if The discounted price of a VIN is 30k and msrp is 35k. Does it mean I can get 5k on the top of all incentive and holdbacks or is based on invoice price?

wow cushman &a Wakefield not listed…

do you have to show proof of employment in order to use the VPP certificate?

@warbeast do you work for cushman in midtown nyc?

I tried and i have affiliate. it comes up with a MSRP and a VPP price, not a discount amount. Does affiliate VPP only offer pricing and not additional discount?

when asked for proof they said they need to have a paystub. The vpp says picture id with employer name only

So you have an employee ID, but no pay stub? :thinking:

Well I work for a company that qualifies inasked if I could use the certificate for my brother which they said yes to. I don’t want to give a pay stub or anything with my personal info where they could run my credit.

I would hypothesize that you could have an employee ID working at a company as a contractor/outsource person, where you work on their site (and need a badge with company name on it for site access) but are paid by a different company. That would describe a bunch of people physically working onsite at my company.

However, you would think your actual employer name could be revealed when your credit is run.

Good morning. Was the loyalty manager at the dealership or at Infiniti corporate? I’m coming off a '14 Q50 premium lease and trying to get into a Q50 red sport lease.