2017 Genesis G80 lease deal

Looking at leasing 2017 Genesis G80 premium with MSRP of $47,200. Looking at sign and drive as they do not offer MSD’s. I don’t have money factor or residual, however selling price is $37,815 using “5 coupons” and 36/12 lease sign and drive at $400 plus tax ($430 all in). Is this a good deal or should I push further?

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This is from the Edmunds forums. 12k should make the residual better by a couple percent.

Looking for MF & Residual for 36/15 for 2017 Genesis G80 3.8 Premium Package

Houston, TX area

Just whenever you get the February numbers. Thank you!

.00056 MF and 54% residual.
$2250 lease cash

Thanks. I imagine there is at least a point or two improvement on residual by going to $12k. I’ll use those and see what the calculator comes up with.

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Can you provide a breakdown for a selling price? $37,815 seems to be way better then A-plan price + rebates…

Have you considered looking at one of the Infiniti Q50s that people on here are leasing for dirt cheap?

If you’re set on the Q80, you might consider waiting until the 2018s come out this spring. Dealers might be more aggressively moving 2017s at that time.

He is not referring to Q80, but G80 by Genesis - luxury brand of Hyundai. Different category of car than Q50 though similar price point.

@Shoop405, $400-$410 all in would be great considering selling price of $37,815. I remember when it was Hyundai Genesis, deals were to be had from $375-$400/mo.

Sorry, my bad. I knew it was the G80, just typed it wrong.

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I don’t have the breakdown. All they showed me was selling price and the various fees which were all rolled into payment. I have tried all other dealers around and they can’t beat the deal.

Changing gears. I am now comparing this to a 2017 GMC Acadia Denali. I already have a Buick Enclave and I thought it was too similar to the Acadia since I had a limited loaner one time. The Denali is based on a smaller frame and it drives and feels much different!

I read on here on another post someone had a sign and drive in December for $448 tax included. Anybody have any intelligence on the Acadia? Your help is much appreciated!

You don’t necessarily have to get the Denali. The 2017 Acadia is smaller than the last gen (in all trim levels).

Not true. There are 2 sizes. Base car and Denali come in the smaller version and the middle trims and limited are the bigger 7 passenger version which more closely mirrors my Buick Enclave.

The 2017 Acadia comes in the same size (length, width and height) in all trims regardless of interior configuration and # of seats.

The 2017 Acadia Limited is a completely different car (last year’s model), and not a trim level of the 2017 Acadia. GM did this with the Cruze and Malibu as well.

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Anybody know the rebates for this April?

Got my genesis a year and a half ago for for 355.

My dad is looking at leasing a 2018 G80 Sport, can anyone share the deal they received?

Have you searched?


yes - I haven’t seen anything on the forum, mostly deals for the 2017 G80 or people talking about the Sport.

631 a month 2k drive off sales price was 53xxx 2018 g80 sport RWD.
but some other guy said he could do it for 500 which idk about but if thats true then its a steal compared to mine lol i didnt wait for any sales or rebates

Thanks for the feedback so far…Anyone else?

At this point, I don’t think you’re going to get under $600 without $4000 down. Trust me, I’m waiting and watching.