2017 F-Type Lease Almost Up. Where do I go from here?

Hi Hackrs!

Towards the end of 2017, I picked up a Jaguar Type-S AWD Convertible (sticker $97k). I think I paid taxes and fees of around $2,500 at inception, and pay $599/month for 10k miles/yr. I thought this was an amazing deal, and I’m looking to get something close to the value I feel I’ve gotten here. I’m open to pretty much anything (coupe, sedan, conv, SUV) as long as it’s fun. Can you guys advise where the deals are hiding nowadays? I’d love to purchase a C8 vette, but it looks like they’ve all been allocated. Thanks for your help.

In NJ, and would only need 7.5k miles.

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Sorry to be blunt OP, but I don’t think you’re going to find anything close to what you’re looking for. The leasing market has changed significantly in the past three years and JLR isn’t handing out F-types like it used to. I also can’t think of a $100k sticker car going for $600 a month with inceptions upfront.

Great deal on your F-Type though, hopefully you’re driving it like you stole it (Because you actually did!)

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Thanks John. To this day I still can’t believe what a great deal I got on it. One of my coworkers pays significantly more for a Lexus RX.

It was a reality check to see the new Supras going for $150 above what I’m paying. I think I might just finance instead. Thanks again.

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I’ve seen some fantastic lease prices on the BMW supra. It’s when you get that toyota badge on the front that the prices shoot through the roof.


Odd how that works, isn’t it?

This is not the same value that you’re looking for, but still somewhat reasonable I think for a >$100k sticker fun car.

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Indeed, I’d certainly keep my eye on that. Thank you.

See if those M3 and M4 CS deals are still available

Really? I haven’t seen anything really good yet. In fact, no one really seems to have the Z4 M40. I would love one to replace my X2, even if it meant doubling my payment LMFAO.

i8 maybe? It’ll be more unless you can find a coupe. They’ve been going for around 800 sad. Also need loyalty for that.

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Im going thru the same problem… i have a base convertible which im paying 33/10k $516(including 7% tax) i guess im going to call and extend the lease for 6month… and as for the toyota supra i own one and super fun to drive so bmw z4 is out of question… i test drove the i8 roadster and hated it! I think im going to buy a cpo boxster next

Similar boat for me as well. I picked up a 2017 base manual convertible for $448/12k 36 mo $3500 upfront. The car is due to back in April and I think i am going to extend. Nothing will give me that much fun for that price point. It also probably doesn’t make sense to be shopping convertibles on the spring in the northeast. I am probably going to extend for 6 months and buy the car (work out a deal based on market adjustment with the dealer), buy a similar manual convertible, or buy a v8s or R rwd. I figure buying in November the seasonal change in value and just standard depreciation will far exceed my 2700 payments over the summer.

How’s maintenance and warranty factor in on buying these or extending the lease? I don’t know their reliability, just something to consider for sure.

5 years on both, so it’s a non-issue.

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I am in the exact same situation! My 2017 F-type S, I am paying $560/mo. I love the car. I am starting to look with over a year left because I know is going to be hard to find something similar!
The BMW 8 looks attractive, I used to lease a 550 before the F-type (I great deal too but thats a different story) and Yes its the ultimate driving machine.

Let me know what you decide!!! I’ll keep looking.

Hello see my response to the OP. I am in the same boat as well!!
How does the extension work? I cant find anything as fun and cheap.
How much can one extend for?

You just call up your lease holder and they will tell you what to do. Once arranged, you just keep paying the same monthly payment.

Ok, you’re my hero! Well done! :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Just for fun, you should go test drive the Tesla Model 3 Performance. In my opinion I believe that is the most fun car I have ever owned and the software updates make the car feel even newer.

I pm’d you op