2017 Elantra Sport <$200 no money down?

Looking to get into an Elantra sport for $200 or less no one down.

This is my first time leasing, so I am going to need some help. Pretty sure I have the basics on MF and RV, the rest Im not sure about.

Would prefer a base sport due to lack of headroom with the sunroof. Manual trans is a must have.

I’m active duty military and a resident of PA, currently stationed in CA. So I could go either state for the deal I think, whichever one gets me the better deal financially.

What should my target price and other contingencies necessary to get me to my pull the trigger price of $199 a month or less.

I’m totally okay with putting money down upfront if it still hits my target price. i.e. $120 a month for 36 months with $2500 down.

10k a year would be fine, 12k would be ideal.

Appreciate any input.

U gotta come back with the numbers. What are the MSRPs of the vehicles?

MSRP on a 2017 is $22485.

It’s looking like they are in pretty short supply.

You can do an elantra sport for $199 or so on a 23k unit.

Need the right rebates and store.

What numbers should in be shooting for?

Have you shopped locally? What numbers have they given you?

Have you searched and read the Elantra Sport threads?

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Have not gotten any local numbers yet. Just test drives. Woul like to do all my negotiating via email.

Yes. No recent posts about pricing within the last month or so.

$750 out of pocket and uber rebate

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Thanks man, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Typo … sign up for uber ($1k) rebate and $750 was paid at signing.

Why do these seem to be in such short supply now? When they first came out this year I was seeing tons at the dealers. Now there are none in our entire area, and maybe only 2 within 150 miles. Any idea why?

They are in process of switching over to 2018 and it appears as if the Sport trim for 2018 is not anywhere yet, so any of the 2017’s left are it.

For the OP, I think around 200 is possible for a 2017 base Sport provided you have some around you in stock. I’ve seen quotes of $235/month with $500 drive off for one with the premium package which adds $2400 to MSRP so about $35 to the monthly. So without that around $200 should be manageable even without the extra incentives. This is on the east coast where there is currently $3250 lease cash on this trim, so not sure what it is in CA - obviously that could greatly affect the numbers.

Thanks so much for all the help everyone. I think I have all the tools I need to negotiate my first lease.

However, it’s not looking good as far as negotiating an amicable lease on the Elantra Sport w/manual transmission.

They seem to be in shorter supply every day. There is only two base sport with a stick anywhere near me.

I live in the Sacramento area, closest ones are in the Bay Area.

Any other fun to drive cars with a stick in the $200 range I should put on my radar and give a test drive?

Jetta 1.4T with a manual. Great value for a fun to drive manual sedan. The 1.4T is a terrific engine that makes it hard to justify the additional cost for a GLI, Elantra Sport, etc IMO.

Why would you want to do that when you can get the Elantra Value Edition 22k unit for 99…

Different engine…

I also have yet to see anyone post a contract for a value edition that low.

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